Five types of art collectors

Are you about to buy your first work of art or have you already started building a collection? Then you probably recognize yourself in one of these different types of collectors! Can you relate to the Impulsive Buyer, or are you more of an Adventurer? Find out which type of art collector fits your style.


The Hunter

Always on the hunt for the next work of art to add to her collection. This collector scours art fairs and graduation shows, and has many emerging artists in her collection. Does her favorite artist have a new exhibition in the gallery? Then the hunter is the first to scan the PDF with available work, in order to secure the best piece from the exhibition. Auctions are also popular with this type of collector: after all, you can score a special find at a good price here too!

The Impulsive Buyer

Buys on instinct. The impulsive buyer walks into a gallery and immediately falls in love with a work. Without hesitation the purchase is finalized. This collector likes to be surprised and must be immediately moved by a work. If the spark is not immediately felt, it is not a match. Sleeping a night on a new acquisition? That's not for the impulsive buyer.

The Adventurer

Has overlap with the impulsive buyer, but deliberately seeks out unknown, new artists, galleries and fairs. They have an international scope and an open mind, always looking for fresh talent. A hip art fair in Croatia? A studio visit with an emerging artist in Warsaw? Ten hours on the train to visit a new gallery? Count this adventurous buyer in!

The Art Flipper

Little liked by artists, gallery owners and other collectors. This collector is in it for the money, and with dollar signs in his eyes, he effortlessly parts with works that have increased in value. The flipper does not buy the work of emerging artists to support them, but to rather to benefit from it himself. Unfortunately for the flipper, this rarely yields the intended mega profits, resulting in a house full of art that has been wrapped up for years, awaiting the right moment to sell. (Don't be like the art flipper)

The Thinker

You easily spot the thinker in a gallery with the exhibition text in hand, while thoughtfully taking in all the works in detail. The thinker takes the time to talk to the artist, to understand their work and to exchange thoughts. Before deciding wether to buy, the thinker carefully considers whether the work fits into his collection. Only after careful research, a good conversation with the gallery owner and with the brochure of the KunstKoop in his bag, the deal will be sealed.

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