Ambassadors Circle

The Ambassadors Circle brings together key figures from the collecting landscape to share their knowledge and experience with a new generation. Our select group of ambassadors are devoted, established collectors who support Young Collectors Circle's mission of contributing to a thriving art world. The Ambassadors Circle consists of inspiring personalities with a valuable network.


Saving the art world, one artwork at a time

Collecting art is more than filling the empty wall above the sofa. By buying art, collectors not only invest in artists financially, but also generate attention for new artists and new art forms. Collectors play a crucial part in the 'ecosystem' of the arts and often support artists long before they are discovered by major institutions. Young Collectors Circle activates a new generation of motivated and informed collectors to support the art sector sustainably and bottom-up.

We became ambassadors because we want to help a new generation get interested in collecting art. Martijn and Jeannette Sanders, Ambassadors since 2020


We organize (at least) four events every year, specifically for our ambassadors, including an ambassador dinner at a special location, a lunch during the Amsterdam Art or Gallery Weekend and an inspiring meeting during Art Rotterdam. Ambassadors may bring (up to 4) guests.


Ambassadors receive, in addition to four exclusive Ambassadors meetings, unlimited and priority access to all weekly Young Collectors Circle events, including studio visits to Luc Tuymans, Laure Prouvost and more. Ambassadors also have access to Young Collectors Circle Travel, Socials and Academy activities, such as art trips to New York, Turin, Warsaw and Paris.


  • You are enthusiastic about Young Collectors Circle and are willing to contribute a minimum of € 250 (<50 years) or € 500 (> 50 years) annually;
  • You are prepared to provide a talk or tour from time to time at major art fairs. After all, nothing works better than sharing personal memories, experiences, tips & tricks to enthuse others;
  • Your network is valuable! That is why you help Young Collectors Circle with attracting new members, partners and other ambassadors from your area of expertise.


  • We organize a collection visit at your home.
  • You are mentioned by name on the Young Collectors Circle website.

NB: Costs for lunches, dinners, socials, academy and travel are not included.

Join the Ambassadors Circle!

Are you interested in joining our exclusive Ambassadors Circle? Please contact Nadine van den Bosch, co- founder and director for more information:

Cultural ANBI - Tax benefit

Your support of the Ambassadors Circle (part of Foundation Art Projects Amsterdam) will give you a tax benefit, because Art Projects Amsterdam has the status of Cultural ANBI. If you commit yourself for at least 5 years to a periodic donation (e.g. through Ambassadors Circle or a gift to Stiching Art Projects), there is a fiscally attractive multiplier of 1.25. This means that your gift is 125% tax deductible.

Example calculation for an annual contribution of €500 per year:
*€500 x 40.8% = €204 is the net amount that is tax deductible
€500 - €204 = €296 is the net amount you pay on your contribution

Example calculation for a periodic contribution (minimum five years) of €500 per year:
€500 x 125% = €625
€625 x 40.8% = €255 is the net amount tax deductible
€500 - €255 = €245 is the net amount you pay on your contribution

We use the income from the Ambassadors Circle to fund our public program, introducing over 300 artists each year to a large audience of over 25,000 art lovers. Do you have questions about membership, donations or tax benefits? If so, contact Nadine van den Bosch at


Meet the members of the Ambassadors Circle:

Babette Claassen (Warmond)
Art Consultant
19th and 20th century painting
Check Babette Claassen's Ambassadors View here.

Betty Driessen & Paola Prins (Bloemendaal)
Resp. Coach and Confidential Advisor & Architect and Math Tutor
Contemporay Art, jewelry, etnograpics and photography.

Bob Scholte (Haarlem)
Art dealer
Paintings, drawings and prints from the 17th century until the end of the 20th century.

Daniela Petovic & Edo Dijksterhuis (Amsterdam)
Resp. Art Advisor & Art Publicist
Contemporary art (all media) and design

Eduard van Valkenburg (Wassenaar)
Solution Architect at Microsoft
Contemporary art and photography from mostly active Dutch artists

Elisabeth Wolbers (Amsterdam)
Contemporary art and photography

Emma van der Minne (Amsterdam)
Contemporary Art

Eric van ‘t Hoff (Nigtevecht)
Internationale marketing at Dell Technologies
Dutch art after 1945 with a focus on contemporary art
Check Eric van 't Hoff's Ambassadors View here.

Erik van der Meulen (Amsterdam)
Dutch art after 1945 with an evolving focus on contemporary art and photography

Eva Moerbeek (Amsterdam)
Digital Director
Contemporary art

Frederick Gordts, (Brussels)
Collection management, -advisor and IT
Contemporary and modern art

Gijs Stork & Angelo Tromp (Amsterdam)
Cultural Entrepeneurs
Contemporary art and design with a speciale focus on queer art
Check Gijs Stork's Ambassadors View here.

Jaap Sleper (Utrecht)
Builder, curator, developer, investor
Contemporary art and ceramics from 1880 to 1930.

Jalmar Pfeifer (Zwolle)
Policy Communications Specialist
Contemporary art with a special focus on human geographies

Jeannette en Martijn Sanders (Amsterdam)
Former directeur of The Concertgebouw
Contemporary art, the Sanders collection was presented at the Stedelijk Museum six years ago under the title Bad Thoughts
Check Jeannette en Martijn Sanders's Ambassadors View here.

Lex Carlier (Amsterdam)
Project Manager sustainability
Contemporary art

Lex van Rooij (Amsterdam)
Employment intermediary
Eclectic collection

Marco van Thiel (Nijmegen)
Interim manager
Contemporary and young art, figurative with a focus on the human being

Maylin Pérez (Den Haag)
Independent curator and art advisor
Latin-American art, photography and cryptoart

Monique van de Griendt (Bussum)
Contemporary Art, zero, photography

Rob van Schaik & Wijnanda Rutten (Amsterdam)
Resp. consultant & attorney
Contemporary art and design
Check Rob van Schaik and Wijnanda Rutten's Ambassadors View here.

Ruben Arnhem (Rotterdam)
Lecturer, lobbyist, entrepeneur, art philosopher
Bauhaus and contemporary art with a focus on met speciale focus op moral theology

Sam van Rooij (Rotterdam)
Information Security at VolkerWessels
Eclectic collection
Check Sam van Rooij's Ambassadors View here.

Thomas Oosterhof (Amsterdam)
Cost Manager
Contemporary & Emerging Art

Tonny Holtrust (Amsterdam)
Retired director Design Academy and ArtEZ

Wouter Deelman (Amsterdam)
CEO of Travel Electric
Contemporary art with a focus on figurative art


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