We are excited to launch our first ever art editions, curated by our team. For these editions, the team have selected exciting and promising emerging artists we've previously presented in our program. Launching these special editions aligns well with our ambition to directly support artists and make collecting art more accessible. Our first three editions are created by Tian Teng, Verena Blok and Bas Oussoren. The festive launch of the editions will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 1, between 6 and 8 p.m. at Hazenstraat 18 in Amsterdam. Beer brewer Oedipus is sponsoring our opening with an array of special, colorful beers.


Tian Teng, The Shape of Unseen — Rotterdam Cool (2022)


Tian Teng, The Shape of Unseen — Utrecht afternoon (2022)


Tian Teng (1996) was born in Shanghai (China). She first studied statistics at the university of Shanghai before realising her talent for art, then moved to the Netherlands to study fine-arts at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, now she is living in Utrecht and is settling into her new profession as an artist. In her recent painting series 'The Shape of Unseen', she focuses mainly on the daily window scenes that could be easily overlooked and ignored by locals, highlighting the details of everyday life as seen through her outsider's eyes.

An interview with Tian about these works and her practice is featured here.

Buy Tian Teng's edition "The Shape of Unseen - Rotterdam Cool" here.

Buy Tian Teng's edition "The Shape of Unseen - Utrecht Afternoon" here.

After printing, Tian has edited each print individually with oil pastel and oil based colour pencil. This means every work in this edition is unique.


Verena Blok, Sava and Blagoje, 2019, Trebišnjica River, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Verena Blok (1990) has a deep interest in personal histories and narrative storytelling. Intrigued by the way cultural and political factors influence one’s life, she uses her lens-based practice to shed light on the inner life and everyday ‘reality’ of her protagonists. As a Dutch-Polish dual citizen, Blok maintains a keen awareness of her positioning between East and West, and her work often refers to the gendered performance of the self. Encounters with her subjects take place in intimate settings, which serve as the core of and the fuel for her work. Verena holds an MA Photography from AKV St. Joost in Breda (NL) and a BA Photography from the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague (NL). She recently completed her artist residency at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam (2020-2022).

An interview with Verena about this work and her practice is featured here.

Buy Verena Blok's edition here.


Bas Oussoren, Tell a dream, lose a reader (2022)


Bass Oussoren, Tell a dream, lose a reader (2022) (detail)


Bas Oussoren (1993) is an artist based in Utrecht who makes site specific installations accompanied with smaller works. A lot of Oussorens works originates from his fascination for alienating something recognizable, playfully balancing meaning, materials and use. The artist makes his own world with internal logic and humour as building blocks. But while the humour seems personal at first, it also requires our collective understanding in order to be funny. For Oussoren, the crucial part of his work takes place in the conversion from object to art: the ability to reinterpret those things that are so obvious that we do not even care to look at them, but that are so wonderful they need no transformation at all.

You can read an interview with Bas about this work and his practice here.

Buy Bas Oussoren's edition here.


We believe contemporary art reflects on our society today: Art is more than just a pretty picture, the idea behind it - the research, the message, the reflection - is valuable. Artists of today, of your own generation, deal with themes that are currently relevant. It is those voices that we wish to amplify in our curated collection of editions.

We also believe collecting art is more than filling the empty wall above your couch. By buying art you not only invest in (young) artists, but you also generate attention for new artists and new art forms. Collectors thus play a crucial role in the 'ecosystem' of the arts and often support artists long before the major institutions discover them. Our mission: Saving the art world, one artwork at a time - so let's start collecting today!

We share the income from our editions fairly with the participating artists and use our own share to continue our program and by doing so, introducing more artists to new audiences every single day.


The editions of Tian Teng and Verena Blok are produced (and when applicable, framed) by our partner Frame Products. Driven by a special passion for art and the craftsmanship of framing, Frame Products has grown into a versatile wholesaler and publisher of art, with a wide range of frames (wood and aluminum), a special art collection, high quality passe-partout and museum cardboard, hanging systems and other materials for the frame maker, gallery, art dealer, and collector. Click here for more information about Frame Products.

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