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Young Collectors Circle opens up the art world for art lovers of all ages and backgrounds. For €10 a month you benefit from unlimited access to our online and offline events as well as exclusive dinners, trips and masterclasses.

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3 Dec

Collection Visit: Claus Busch Risvig

Thu 20:00 · Online · Collection Visit ·

On Thursday 3 December, Danish collector Claus Busch Risvig opens up his private collection to members of Young Collectors Circle.

Collecting with his partner for the last ten years, Claus Busch Risvig has definitely caught the collecting bug. Their collection which currently includes over 300 artworks, is fast becoming one of the most important collections of emerging contemporary art that Denmark has to offer. Claus Busch Risvig didn’t grow up with art, and yet, the Danish collector ended up devoting his life to it. Be it online or in real life, he shares his contemporary art collection with people from around the world, determined to initiate dialogue around art and show the rest of the world that collecting art is not just for the few.

Sign up via the ‘join’-button. You’ll receive a confirmation by e-mail with a login for join this Online Collection Visit via Zoom. Please note: Online Collection Visits are exclusively for Young Collectors Circle members.

Img. Claus Busch Risvig

9 Dec

Guest Masterclass by Catawiki: Buying Art Online

Wed 19:00 · Online · Masterclass · ·

On Wednesday 9 December our partner Catawiki hosts a masterclass on how to buy art online.

Being able to purchase a beautiful work of art online changes the entire experience of buying art. The trend to persue and buy art online has only continued to rise over the years and has boomed during the past few months with the current covid-19 crisis.

The rise of online art platforms has lowered the threshold of collecting art. Increased pricing transparency, variety, and efficiency are major pros of purchasing art online. Catawiki carries out online auctions on a weekly basis throughout very diverse categories, ranging from 17th century paintings to street art. In this masterclass you will learn more about how the online art market works and gain useful tips and tricks on how to collect art online.

*This masterclass is part of a paid partnership between Young Collectors Circle and Catawiki.

Img. lot 131673128, Catawiki

12 Dec

Gallery Talk: Laurence Aëgerter at Gallery Caroline O'Breen

Sat 13:00 · Amsterdam · Gallery Visit ·

On Saturday 12 December artist Laurence Aëgerter will talk about her new soloshow ‘La main et l'oeil’ at Gallery Caroline O’Breen.

For years, Laurence Aëgerter has been immersed in her visual research on the power of images. She questions the process of perception and investigates various strategies to activate the spectator. One of her most treasured areas of research are great icons of art and culture; they accumulate in museum catalogues as well as 'found images' via online search engines.

To accommodate as many members as possible in a safe way, we divide this visit into two sessions. The first talk is scheduled at 1PM and the second one at 1.45PM. You will hear which group you have been assigned to after registration.

Our programs are continuously adjusted based on the measures of the government and RIVM. Face masks are mandatory during all our programs and participants are asked to fill in a health check in advance.

15 Dec

Intro Into Art Collecting (ENG)

Tue 19:00 · Online · Masterclass · ·

Join us for a mini masterclass ‘Intro Into Art Collecting’, designed specifically for non-members. We will discuss the why and how of art collecting, providing concrete examples: from Mondriaan to today’s Masterpieces.

Can you collect art without an overflowing bank account? Does it matter if you don’t know anything about art history? We will delve deeper into the neurological reason why we love pretty pictures and explain why contemporary art can make us view the world in a different light.

This mini masterclass is for non-members and lasts approximately 30 minutes. After signing up via the ‘deelnemen’-button below, you will receive a confirmation email with the login and password to participate.

Image: Andy Warhol, Dollar Sign

16 Dec

Masterclass: Modern Masterpieces

Wed 19:00 · Online · Masterclass

Please note this event is in Dutch. If you are interested in attending, please click ‘More info’ to find all details in Dutch.

Aan de hand van 10 iconische kunstwerken krijg je meer inzicht in moderne en hedendaagse kunst. Leer meer over het vantablack van Anish Kapoor, de performances van Marina Abramovic en de activistische kunst van Ai Weiwei. Je leert meer over het totstandkomen van deze spraakmakende kunstwerken én over de ophef die ontstond over deze meesterwerken.

*This is the first part in the series about Modern Masterpieces, in the coming months we will offer several parts of this masterclass series, both in English and Dutch.

Img. Yayoi Kusama

13 Jan

Crash Course Collecting - NL

Wed 19:00 · Online · Crash Course Collecting ·

Please note this event is in Dutch. If you are interested in attending, please click ‘More info’ to find all details in Dutch.

Op woensdagavond 13 januari kun je deelnemen aan de digitale editie van de Crash Course Collecting. Tijdens deze exclusieve drie uur durende stoomcursus vol praktische en inhoudelijke informatie leer je onder meer over kunstgeschiedenis, de kunstmarkt, materialen en technieken en het presenteren van kunst in huis.

Wat gaat er behandeld worden?

+Je gaat in razend tempo door de kunstgeschiedenis heen: van de grotschilderingen in Lascaux via Rubens, Monet en Van Gogh naar de moderne kunst met haar pop-art, abstract-expressionisme en het urinoir van Marcel Duchamp - helemaal tot aan het nu, de hedendaagse kunst; 

+Je leert over verschillende materialen en technieken (zoals het verschil tussen olieverf en acryl, wat een gouache nu eigenlijk is, hoe fotografie een kunstvorm werd en over typische kunstvormen van deze tijd, zoals internet- en videokunst); 

+Je komt alles te weten over de primaire en secundaire markt, welke actoren er op de markt zijn en prijzen bepaald worden; 

+Je krijgt handige tips en tricks voor het presenteren van kunst je eigen huis. 


De Crash Course Collecting is onderdeel van het Young Collectors Circle lidmaatschap en vindt plaats via Zoom. Het event is exclusief voor leden die nog niet eerder aan de stoomcursus hebben meegedaan. Meld je nu aan via de deelnemen-button! Je krijgt dan van ons een mail met de inloggegevens.

20 Jan

Masterclass: How art is made

Wed 19:00 · Online · Masterclass ·

On Wednesday January 20 you can discover how artworks are made. In this masterclass we'll dive deeper into different materials and techniques that are used to create art.

Have you always wanted to know what paint actually consists of or how a metal sculpture is cast? Are you curious how a tapestry is woven or how neon letters are made? In 45 minutes we introduce a number of common materials such as paint, metal, wood, textile and plastic. You will learn how these materials are used and how they are restored if damaged.

27 Jan

Masterclass: How to curate your collection

Wed 19:00 · Online · Masterclass ·

In this masterclass you will learn how to curate your art collection in your own home.

From art glass to passe-partouts, from a salon set-up to a grid and from white cube to living room: In this 40-minute mini masterclass you will learn everything about curating art in your own home. With specific examples, you will receive practical tips on how to conserve, present and preserve your collection.

Online Masterclasses are exclusively for Young Collectors Circle members.

18 Feb

Masterclass: Photography

Thu 19:00 · Online · Masterclass ·

On Thursday evening 18 February you will learn all the ins and outs of collecting photography.

How did photography develop into an art form? From the very first photograph via street photography to the position of photography as a contemporary art form: in 45 minutes you'll learn more about this medium. In addition to history and current developments, you will also learn about the various forms and techniques, how editions and editions work and how best to present and preserve photographs at home.

Img. Ed van der Elsken

10 Mar

Masterclass: Modern Masterpieces - part two

Wed 19:00 · Online · Masterclass ·

During this masterclass we will dive deeper intro 10 iconic works of art to provide you more insight into modern and contemporary art

Learn more about Kara Walker’s sugar sculptures, the immersive light installations by James Turrell and shocking photography by Andres Serrano. You will learn more about the creation of these controversial artworks and about the fuss that arose over these masterpieces. This is the second part in this series about Modern Masterpieces, in the coming months we will offer several parts of this masterclass series, both in English and Dutch.

fig. James Turrell, Skyspace in MoMA PS1.