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4 Nov

Online Collection Visit: Collezione Taurisano

Wed 19:00 · Online · Collection Visit ·

On Wednesday 4 November, Naples-based collectors Sveva & Francesco Taurisano open up their private collection to members of Young Collectors Circle.

Collezione Taurisano is based in Naples, with a contemporary focus and strong international artist line-up including several young and emerging positions. Initiated by Paolo Taurisano in the 1970s, it currently flourishes thanks to the passion of son Francesco and his wife Sveva D’Antonio. Today the collection is dedicated to living artists, who deal with thematics linked to our everyday society. There are no restrictions on medium, and the artist is nurtured further when a fruitful relationship has developed, which instigates specific attention to the process of the making of an artwork. The collection is now abundant with almost 400 pieces.

Their collection contains works by, among many others: Ahmet Ogut, Christo, Doug Aikten, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Nuria Guell, Marinella Senatore, Simon Roberts, Marko Tadic, Trey Abdella and Jonas Staal.

Sign up via the ‘join’-button. You’ll receive a confirmation by e-mail with a login for join this Online Collection Visit via Zoom. Please note: Online Collection Visits are exclusively for Young Collectors Circle members.

Img. Portrait of Sveva and Francesco Taurisano in their home in Naples. Photo: Maurizio Esposito

11 Nov

Crash Course Collecting (ENG)

Wed 19:00 · Online · Crash Course Collecting · ·

On Wednesday November 11 we will host a digital Crash Course Collecting, in English. During this Crash Course Collecting (members only), you'll learn everything you need to know about art history, the art market, different types of artworks and how to curate art in your home.


  • A rapid journey through the history of art: from the cave paintings in Lascaux via Rubens, Monet and Van Gogh to modern art with its pop art, abstract expressionism and Marcel Duchamp's porcelain urinal - all the way to the present: contemporary art;

  • You will learn about different materials and techniques (such as the difference between oil paint and acrylic, what a gouache actually is, how photography became an art form and about typical art forms of our time, such as internet and video art);

  • You will learn all about the primary and secondary markets, which players are crucial to the market and how prices are set for artworks in both the gallery and at an auction;

  • Useful tips and tricks for presenting art in your own home.


The Crash Course Collecting is part of the Young Collectors Circle membership. The event is exclusively for members who have not previously participated in the crash course. When you register, we will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to join via Zoom. Are you a member and have you not previously participated in the crash course? Sign up now via the ‘join’ button!

17 Nov

Intro Into Art Collecting

Tue 19:00 · Online · Introductie ·

Please note this event is in Dutch. If you are interested in attending, please click ‘More info’ to find all details in Dutch.

In deze mini masterclass 'Intro into Art Collecting' nemen we je mee naar het hoe en waarom van kunstkopen, aan de hand van concrete voorbeelden: van Mondriaan tot de Meesterwerken van nu. En kun je kunstverzamelen als je geen vette bankrekening hebt? Is het erg als je geen kennis hebt van kunstgeschiedenis?
We gaan dieper in op de neurologische reden waarom we van mooie plaatjes houden en lichten toe waarom hedendaagse kunst ons anders naar de wereld laat kijken. Deze mini masterclass bieden we tweewekelijks aan, afwisselend in het Nederlands en in het Engels.

Deze mini masterclass is speciaal voor niet-leden en duurt 30 minuten. Na aanmelding via de 'deelnemen' knop ontvang je van ons een bevestigingsmail met de inlogcode en het wachtwoord om deel te nemen.

Afb. Kehinde Wiley

18 Nov

Masterclass: How art is made

Wed 19:00 · Online · Masterclass ·

On Wednesday November 18 you can discover how artworks are made. In this masterclass we'll dive deeper into different materials and techniques that are used to create art.

Have you always wanted to know what paint actually consists of or how a metal sculpture is cast? Are you curious how a tapestry is woven or how neon letters are made? In 45 minutes we introduce a number of common materials such as paint, metal, wood, textile, plastic and electronic media. You will learn how these materials are used and how they are restored if damaged.

19 Nov

Studio Visit: Folkert de Jong & Arjan van Helmond

Thu 19:30 · Amsterdam · Studio Visit ·

On Thursday evening November 19, we visit the neighbouring studios of Folkert de Jong and Arjan van Helmond.

Folkert de Jong has become world-famous with his life-sized sculpture groups made of materials that are normally used as insulation material. His monumental sculptures of styrofoam and polyurethane foam often show human figures in poisonous colors. His sculptures sometimes have a grim side and are reminiscent of fantasy or comic strips. Often they also refer to history: historical figures from Dutch history are often a source of inspiration. Art history and traditions in sculpture also regularly recur in his work.

Arjan van Helmond is interested in painting as a medium that helps us think about and analyse objects, places and representations of spaces of our daily lives. His art practice focusses on appropriating through painting the unspectacular and even banal aspects of daily life -a view of the sea, a garden, the house we live in, the carpet under our feet, souvenirs and trinkets in the closet- and yet his paintings are not explicitly narrative. Instead they use ordinary and evocative details to build up a form of realism, that aims to trace a path between history, culture, cliché and everyday human behaviour

Folkert de Jong is represented by Galerie Fons Welters.
Arjan van Helmond is represented by ALBADA JELGERSMA.

Img. Folkert de Jong in his studio

28 Nov

Gallery Tour - Amsterdam

Sat 13:00 · Amsterdam · Gallery Tour ·

On Saturday November 28 you can join us on a gallery tour during the Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend.

During the very first edition of the Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend you can discover the Amsterdam gallery scene together with other Young Collectors Circle members. The Gallery Weekend is a good time for the galleries to present themselves to a wide audience of art professionals and art lovers. That's why you'll see a lot of 'statements': galleries often choose one artist with whom they'll make a strong solo show or a thematic group exhibition that is exemplary for their programming. In this way they set the tone for the rest of the art season and show their own signature.

We curated different routes that reflect the diversity of the gallery's offerings: From up-and-coming talent to renowned artists, from photography to installation and from modest format to monumental work. To guarantee the intimate character of our events and the guidelines of the RIVM, we plan several tours for small groups. The exact times and routes will be announced in due course.

30 Nov

Social: Pub Quiz

Mon 19:00 · Online · Social ·

On Monday November 30 we host the second edition of our online Pub Quiz, with questions about art & collecting.

Use your knowledge and test your luck answering questions about iconic art works, infamous artists and famous art collectors. You can videochat with other members, have a drink and find out how much you know about art! The winner will be rewarded with a special art-themed prize.

Do you have what it takes to win this Pub Quiz? Join via the 'join'-button below! We will send you all the info on how to join.

Please note: Socials are exclusively for Young Collectors-members.

img. Roy Lichtenstein

10 Dec

Studio Visit: Dan Zhu

Thu 19:00 · Den Haag · Studio Visit ·

On Thursday December 10 we visit the studio of Dan Zhu, who is known for her subtle and poetic paintings.

Dan Zhu about her work:

‘’I prefer to be an image creator rather than a painter or illustrator, because art should no longer be defined according to media and technique, but to its diverse original vitality, which is unseen, surging in the subconscious. Each of my work represents an independent, complete and logical self- consistent world, but when you look at them altogether, they are likes waves in the same river, stirring each other.

The cavalier parallel perspective enabled multi-spot centered composition which layout overlapping layers. In most of my works you can enter into it at any point, it seems there is no begin neither end. The pure impulse always brought me the first attempt on paper or canvas. But only at the end of the last brush stroke I knew what was the dynamic energy, unfortunately it will be depicted by concrete figurative expression. And my paintings are those ashes from the burning of sparks. Sometimes I really thought time is going backwards or at least splashed. It‘s better don‘t know at all, look at it, wonder at it, like mirage in the deserts. ‘’

Dan Zhu finished her residency at the Rijkakademie last year and was awarded the Royal Award for Painting in October.

Img. Dan Zhu, Das Ticket (detail).

16 Dec

Masterclass: Modern Masterpieces

Wed 19:00 · Online · Masterclass

Please note this event is in Dutch. If you are interested in attending, please click ‘More info’ to find all details in Dutch.

Aan de hand van 10 iconische kunstwerken krijg je meer inzicht in moderne en hedendaagse kunst. Leer meer over het vantablack van Anish Kapoor, de performances van Marina Abramovic en de activistische kunst van Ai Weiwei. Je leert meer over het totstandkomen van deze spraakmakende kunstwerken én over de ophef die ontstond over deze meesterwerken. Dit is het eerste deel in de reeks Moderne Meesterwerken, we zullen de komende maanden meerdere delen van deze masterclass-reeks aanbieden, zowel in het Engels als Nederlands.

Img. Yayoi Kusama

13 Jan

Crash Course Collecting - NL

Wed 19:00 · Online · Crash Course Collecting ·

Please note this event is in Dutch. If you are interested in attending, please click ‘More info’ to find all details in Dutch.

Op woensdagavond 13 januari kun je deelnemen aan de digitale editie van de Crash Course Collecting. Tijdens deze exclusieve drie uur durende stoomcursus vol praktische en inhoudelijke informatie leer je onder meer over kunstgeschiedenis, de kunstmarkt, materialen en technieken en het presenteren van kunst in huis.

Wat gaat er behandeld worden?

+Je gaat in razend tempo door de kunstgeschiedenis heen: van de grotschilderingen in Lascaux via Rubens, Monet en Van Gogh naar de moderne kunst met haar pop-art, abstract-expressionisme en het urinoir van Marcel Duchamp - helemaal tot aan het nu, de hedendaagse kunst; 

+Je leert over verschillende materialen en technieken (zoals het verschil tussen olieverf en acryl, wat een gouache nu eigenlijk is, hoe fotografie een kunstvorm werd en over typische kunstvormen van deze tijd, zoals internet- en videokunst); 

+Je komt alles te weten over de primaire en secundaire markt, welke actoren er op de markt zijn en prijzen bepaald worden; 

+Je krijgt handige tips en tricks voor het presenteren van kunst je eigen huis. 


De Crash Course Collecting is onderdeel van het Young Collectors Circle lidmaatschap en vindt plaats via Zoom. Het event is exclusief voor leden die nog niet eerder aan de stoomcursus hebben meegedaan. Meld je nu aan via de deelnemen-button! Je krijgt dan van ons een mail met de inloggegevens.