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We are very proud to announce our very first Young Collectors Circle Hub outside of the Netherlands: Young Collectors Circle Lisbon! This hub was launched on Saturday 12 November. Led by an independently operating and enthusiastic team, Young Collectors Circle Lisbon will offer a monthly program for local and expat art lovers who wish to discover and support the Portuguese art scene.

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7 Dec

Panel: Talent development within photography

Wed 19:30 · Amsterdam · Panel ·

This evening we will discuss current developments in contemporary photography and the scouting of young photography talent in the context of the FOAM Talent Call.

What themes do young image-makers make visible in their work? And how do you select the most promising photography talents of the future? In the exhibition, we look at the work of this new generation of artists. Their works address the most pressing issues of our time: climate change, political conflicts, discrimination, displacement and social injustice, reminding us that photography is able to capture what cannot be captured in words.

19.15h Walk-in
19.30h Panel discussion with Elisa Medde (editor in chief FOAM magazine) on current issues and developments within the FOAM Talent Call and the scouting of young photography talent.
20.15h Introduction and tour of the FOAM Talent 2022 exhibition
20.45h We'll chat with Club Foam members over a snack and drink and find out more about FOAM Editions.
21.30h End time

The language of this programme is English.
Image: Jaap Beyleveld

9 Dec

Artist Talk: Bas Kosters 'Sincerely Yours'

Fri 17:30 · Amsterdam · Artist Talk ·

End your week with an inspiring Artist Talk by versatile artist Bas Kosters. The exhibition 'Sincerely yours' showcases his latest series of personal and loving drawings about being self-aware of emotions.

Complementing the exhibition is an extensive selection of autonomous work showing Kosters' inner world. This world, known mainly from his quirky, sensational fashion shows from the beginning of his artistic career, has now been translating into drawings, rich tapestries, glass objects, soft sculptures and paintings for several years.

We will talk to the artist about his multifaceted artistic practice and learn from him more about our emotional self-awareness. We will also reflect in detail on the development of his artistic practice.

17.30 - 18.00 Walk-in and welcome with a drink
18.00 - 18.45 Artist Talk by Bas Kosters
18.45 - 19.30 Opportunity to view the exhibition
Location: Droog Design Amsterdam

Ever since he graduated, Bas Kosters has been working with his studio on a variety of design and art assignments. This enables him to further develop and deepen his autonomous work. The direction of his work is increasingly shifting from applied to autonomous. For instance, he recently worked with the Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam on glass objects, published a book of 100 portraits, was able to create new work especially for various museum exhibitions and is currently working as an 'artist in residence' at the European Ceramic Work Centre.

17 Dec

Art Antwerp

Sat 11:00 · Antwerpen · Studio & fair ·

Join us for a day in Antwerp and immerse yourself in art. We will be introduced to the work of Belgian artist Koen van den Broek during a studio visit. In the afternoon, we visit the art fair Art Antwerp where the work of nearly 300 emerging and established artists is on display and for sale.

11h: Studio visit Koen van den Broek
12.30h: Lunch (on your own expense)
14.00h: Visit to Art Antwerp fair
16.00h: Closing with a drink at the fair and afterwards opportunity to walk around the fair on your own

Nb: You have to take care of your own transport to and in Antwerp. Included in the programme are studio visit, entrance to the fair and closing drink at the fair.

Picture by © Alex Shlyk / We Document Art / Art Antwerp 2021

18 Dec

Museum visit: In gesprek met Bart Rutten over Double Act

Sun 13:30 · Utrecht · Museum visit ·

This afternoon, we dive deeper into collecting and presenting new media art. Two seemingly very different collections meet in Double Act: the monumental video installations by the American Kramlich family on the one hand, and the 17th-century paintings of Centraal Museum on the other.

With more than two hundred film and video works and media installations from the 1960s to the present, the Kramlich Collection is one of the most influential private collections of media art in the world. Pam and Richard Kramlich were among the first collectors to focus on 'new media' art in the late 1980s. The exhibition combines video works by contemporary luminaries such as Bill Viola, Marina Abramović, Bruce Nauman and Steve McQueen are combined with Utrecht masterpieces by Abraham Bloemaert, Roeland Saverij, Jan van Scorel, Dirck van Baburen and Gerard van Honthorst.

13.30h Visit exhibition Double Act.
15.00h After-talk with artistic director Bart Rutten in which he talks about the collaboration with the Kramlich family and his fascination for video art.
16.00h End

23 Jan

Crash Course Collecting (ENG)

Mon 19:00 · Online · Crash Course Collecting ·

During this Crash Course Collecting (members only), you'll learn everything you need to know about art history, the art market, different types of artworks and how to curate art in your home.


  • A rapid journey through the history of art: from the cave paintings in Lascaux via Rubens, Monet and Van Gogh to modern art with its pop art, abstract expressionism and Marcel Duchamp's porcelain urinal - all the way to the present: contemporary art;

  • You will learn about different materials and techniques (such as the difference between oil paint and acrylic, what a gouache actually is, how photography became an art form and about typical art forms of our time, such as internet and video art);

  • You will learn all about the primary and secondary markets, which players are crucial to the market and how prices are set for artworks in both the gallery and at an auction;

  • Useful tips and tricks for presenting art in your own home.

The Crash Course Collecting is part of the Young Collectors Circle membership. The event is exclusively for members who have not previously participated in the crash course. When you register, we will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to join via Zoom.

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