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We are excited to launch our first ever art editions! Our first three editions are created by Tian Teng, Verena Blok and Bas Oussoren. Tian created two different prints from her 'Shape of Unseen' series, Verena selected an intimate photograph and Bas created a series of ceramic works for us.

You can find - ánd shop- the editions by clicking the link below! Would you rather view them, over a beer from Oedipus? Do sign up for the official launch on Feb. 1, in the presence of the artists (scroll to the calendar below to sign up)!

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Do you want to explore New York's art scene up close, or would you prefer to visit Berlin's gallery weekend or world renowned art fair Art Basel? During our 3-5-day trips, you'll discover the local art scene through visits to fairs, galleries, studios, collections and museums.

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11 Feb

Art Rotterdam

Sat 11:00 · Rotterdam · Art fair ·

Join us for a visit to Art Rotterdam, thé art fair to discover new talent. Discover new galleries, emerging artists and the latest developments in the contemporary art scene.

In February Art Rotterdam takes place, a regular event on the agenda of collectors and art lovers. The fair distinguishes itself through the diversity of exhibition concepts and the focus on young art. During the fair you can experience, discover and acquire new work in the special UNESCO monumental building of the Van Nellefabriek. Besides the fair in the Van Nellefabriek, you can also visit Prospect and Projections. Entrance to the fair is included in the program.

Img. Art Rotterdam , 2020. Photography: Almicheal Fraay

16 Feb

Social at Gallery Larik & Art Café NAR

Thu 19:00 · Utrecht · Social ·

On February 16, it is time for yet another community event and that means the evening will be all about art and getting to know each other! We will visit an exhibition of promising talent at Gallery Larik and have drinks at art café NAR.

We begin the evening at Gallery Larik with the exhibition Ready, Set, Go! Bobbi Essers, Boy van der Wal, Lotte Bierman and Sjoerd van der Heyden, who graduated from HKU last year, present their work in a joint exhibition. With this exhibition, Gallery Larik hopes to give starting artists the opportunity to present their work to a wider audience and gain experience in the art world. While enjoying a drink, we will engage in conversation with the emerging artists.

Afterwards we'll move just a few metres to the connecting art café NAR, a vibrant place in Utrecht where culture and art intertwine. Co-founder and gallery owner Oscar Larik decided in the corona period to set up something he was missing in Utrecht: a cultural breeding ground where free spirits could come together to drink and eat but, above all, to inspire and be inspired. The desire for a sanctuary where hospitality, art and music merged resulted in NAR.

Introducees are most welcome!

18 Feb

Gallery Tour: Antwerp South

Sat 14:00 · Antwerp · Gallery Tour ·

On Saturday 18 February, we will discover the vibrant Antwerp gallery scene. We'll visit an exciting mix of young initiatives and internationally renowned galleries and discover the work of both Belgian and international artists. Of course, we'll end the afternoon with a drink.

Antwerp South is the city's cultural hotspot. The warehouses along the Scheldt include the FOMU Photo Museum and the M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp) and numerous galleries. A little further south you will find Nieuw Zuid; a new part of the city that is full of exciting architecture and greenery. More and more pioneering galleries are settling in this young district, which is definitely on the list for our visit.

Please note that you are responsible for any travel, lunch or accommodation costs.

24 Feb

Panel in the Huidenclub: Art & Sustainability

Fri 19:00 · Rotterdam · Panel · ·

On this Friday evening, we'll discuss sustainability in the art sector with three specialists in the Huidenclub. How do we ensure that art and culture remain beautiful and accessible while taking people, nature and the environment into account? What are sustainable choices in terms of making, buying and exhibiting art?

It is precisely as a collector that you can discuss certain social issues. The works in your art collection effectively say something about your identity and the subjects you deem important. As an art buyer, what elements can you take into account when it comes to offering a stage for sustainability? Where do you start and how do you make an informed decision?

During the evening, we'll explore the challenges of sustainability in art. We'll ask a visual artist, an art collector and a museum professional to shed light on this subject from different perspectives. From Land-art and BioArt to recycling and upcycling: we'll discuss developments in recent years as well as the future of sustainable art.

The Huidenclub in Rotterdam is a platform for artists, designers and thinkers. The residents of the Huidenclub collaborate on current themes in the social and ecological domain.

After the panel discussion, we visit the exhibition 'Warmly', in which three female artists explore the crux between art and craftsmanship, knowledge and know-how, the intuitive and the analytical, the material and the conceptual.

This programme is part of our 2023 program line 'Ecology', in which we explore the interaction between humans, nature & art.

Image: Seppe Elewaut

23 Mar


Thu 16:00 · Vienna · Travel ·

From 23-25 March, we will visit the vibrant art city Vienna, home to the hip, new art fair SPARK.

Together with other art lovers, you will discover the talent of the future at Spark. We will be guests in the home of a Viennese private collector, have a peek inside the studio of an emerging artist and dine with our traveling party at a special location.

Visit our travel page for all the information about this trip!

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