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We are excited to launch our first ever art editions! Our first three editions are created by Tian Teng, Verena Blok and Bas Oussoren. Tian created two different prints from her 'Shape of Unseen' series, Verena selected an intimate photograph and Bas created a series of ceramic works for us.

You can find - ánd shop- the editions by clicking the link below! Would you rather view them, over a beer from Oedipus? Do sign up for the official launch on Feb. 1, in the presence of the artists (scroll to the calendar below to sign up)!

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28 May

Artist Talk: Sanja Marušić in Nederlands Fotomuseum

Sun 13:00 · Rotterdam · Artist Talk · ·

On 28 May, Sanja Marušić will offer us an exclusive tour of her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, which takes place in the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

Sanja Marušić (1991) is a Dutch-Croatian photographer, who captures both analogue and digital worlds in a colourful way. By painting, re-photographing and digitally editing the photos, she adds new layers to an existing reality. Her partial self-portraits show a search for her own position in the world; the relationship between human beings and nature, finding balance in relationships and in motherhood.

Sanja Marušić is one of the most heard voices in photography today. She was nominated for the Paul Huf Award 2020 and exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad. Her work is also part of the Gallery of Honour of Dutch Photography in the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

This program is part of our 2023 program line 'Art & Identity', where we explore (gender)identity, role patterns and self-expression in art.

Img: Sanja Marušić, Flowers in December, 2015-2016

31 May

Festive opening: A Public Affair

Wed 18:00 · Amsterdam · Opening ·

We believe that collecting and enjoying art is not just for the happy few, it should be accessible to everyone. That is why Oedipus Brewing, Dead Darlings and Young Collectors Circle present A Public Affair.

From 31 May to 4 June, simultaneously with Amsterdam Art Week, we will present a sales exhibition in our space in Amsterdam Noord with art curated by our community of art lovers, combined with live music, talks and workshops on art and an anonymous multidisciplinary art auction by Dead Darlings.

We are building a place where makers, viewers and collectors can socialise over a beer with cheese sticks, a place where you feel free to make a connection that suits you. A Public Affair gives you the opportunity to get involved in the art world and tell your own story about what art means to you. This is a great opportunity to start - or expand - your own collection, or to simply be inspired.

Join us for a beer, mingle with other art lovers and artists and be one of the first to see the exhibition!

1 Jun

Amsterdam Art Week Special: Intro into Art Collecting

Thu 19:00 · Amsterdam · Masterclass ·

In this special masterclass during Amsterdam Art Week, we take you through the how and why of buying art and share practical insights into recent trends and developments in Amsterdam’s contemporary art scene.

Can you collect art if you don't have a fat bank account? What if you don’t have any knowledge of art history? During this masterclass we will share tips and tricks that you can put into practice right away so you can discover the Amsterdam gallery scene with confidence.

From 31 May to 4 June, simultaneously with Amsterdam Art Week, we will also present a sales exhibition, in our exhibition space in Amsterdam Noord with art curated by our community of art lovers, combined with live music, talks and workshops on art and an anonymous multidisciplinary art auction by Dead Darlings.

This masterclass is part of the Amsterdam Art Week Public Program and takes place in our special exhibition space in Amsterdam Noord.

3 Jun

Panel: The moving image - how to collect video art?

Sat 12:00 · Amsterdam · Panel ·

Join us for a vibrant panel discussion about the ins and outs of collecting video art. How do you collect, present and conserve this art form outside of the white cube?

During this panel discussion, you'll learn all about collecting video art and explore how the worlds of film, theater and visual art come together in exciting crossovers. The occasion will be artist Julian Rosefeldt's spectacular film installation presented during the Holland Festival. During the talk, Young Collectors Circle will engage in conversation with a collector, gallery director Sheila Verdegaal (Ron Mandos Gallery), Katinka Enkhuizen & Manon Schreurs (Holland Festival). You will discover the do's and dont's on collecting video art from different perspectives and gain insight into the latest developments of this medium.

This panel is part of A Public Affair, a collaboration between Young Collectors Circle, Oedipus and Dead Darlings.

9 Jun

Guided tour: Jewelry collection of the Rijksmuseum

Fri 16:30 · Amsterdam · Museum Talk ·

The Rijksmuseum's collection includes more than just the Old Masters. Discover the museum's rich collection of jewelry during this program.

The Françoise van den Bosch Foundation has invited Suzanne van Leeuwen, curator of jewellery at the Rijksmuseum, for an exclusive tour for members of Young Collectors Circle of the Rijksmuseum's jewellery room. 

We will talk about the jewellery collection with Suzanne. The Rijksmuseum has a collection of around 1,000 pieces that gives an overview of jewellery from Byzantium to the present day. The guiding principle is the history of jewellery in the Netherlands, put into perspective by European highlights.

It may not seem obvious that the Rijksmuseum collects contemporary jewellery but there are many similarities with the historical jewellery in the collection. Suzanne will elaborate on the collection history and art historical value of this important collection. 

Suzanne van Leeuwen is a restaurateur of precious metals and a conservator of jewellery at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam since October 2014. Besides being an archaeologist, she is trained as a metal restorer and gemologist (FGA). She regularly publishes in her field. 

The Françoise van den Bosch Foundation aims to stimulate contemporary international jewellery design and bring jewellery to the attention of the public. It does this through a number of activities and initiatives including the Françoise van den Bosch Award, an Artist-in-Residency programme and the Françoise van den Bosch Collection.

10 Jun

Rijksakademie Open Studios 2023

Sat 11:00 · Amsterdam · Academy Visit ·

On Saturday 10 June, we will visit the Rijksakademie Open Studios. Led by experienced Art Mediators, we will discover new talent and engage with the artists.

Fifty talented artists spend a two-year residency period at this internationally renowned institute. During Open Studios they will share their artistic practice and present what has emerged from a period of experimenting, researching and producing new work. You will have the chance to engage with the different practices and ideas the artists have developed that push boundaries of what contemporary art can be and do.

The Rijksakademie Open Studios are the only time during the year that visitors have access to the artists' studios. We will start our programme with an introduction of the Rijksakademie and then discover new talent and see their works in the studios under the guidance of an Art Mediator.

The Rijksakademie focuses on developing talent in the visual arts. It selects and facilitates artistic talent and offers the selected artists a platform for further development and deepening of the work. Presentation of the work and connection to the international network are also part of the two-year residency programme. For many former residents, a stay at the Rijksakademie led to their international breakthrough.

13 Jun

Private visit: Euphoria - Julian Rosefeldt

Tue 18:15 · Amsterdam · Art Talk & Viewing ·

Join us for an immersive experience in the large-scale film installation by renowned artist Julian Rosefeldt. In Euphoria, the artist mixes performance, film and social criticism into a compelling piece of art.

Julian Rosefeldt makes breath-taking, visually stunning film installations. In music and film, his work Euphoria presents a wide range of statements about capitalism, from Socrates and Karl Marx to Donna Haraway and Cardi B, and makes both the ‘euphoric’ and destructive sides of consumerism tangible.

The large-scale, immersive film installation can be seen in Amsterdam’s enormous Central Market Hall. Texts about economy and capitalism are spoken and sung by critically acclaimed performers like Giancarlo Esposito, Virginia Newcomb, filmed at impressive locations. Cate Blanchett provides the voice for a talking, singing tiger. They are musically supported with original music composed by Samy Moussa with an additional composition by Cassie Kinoshi, performed, in surround video, by life sized projections of a hundred and forty young singers from the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and further aided by five celebrated contemporary jazz drummers.

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