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In April of 2024, a research report by the Boekman Foundation on behalf of the Niemeijer Fund concluded that female artists earn less than their male counterparts, are less visible and less frequently purchased by museums and collectors. Be part of the change and celebrate the art of four female artists: Ellen Yiu, Hedy Tjin, Sarah Mei Herman, and Shani Leseman. These four artists focus on the construct of (chosen) family, the search for identity and a sense of home, and reflect on nature, spirituality and social structures through photography, painting, ceramics and textiles. The exhibition can be viewed during the opening hours of Capital C (Monday - Friday from 9AM until 5PM).


Sarah Mei Herman


You are most welcome to view the exhibition, which will be on show until 12 September 2024 at Capital C, Weesperplein 4B in Amsterdam. The exhibition can be viewed during the opening hours of Capital C (Monday - Friday from 9AM until 5PM).

Ellen Yiu makes work as if she is culturally foraging. Her works are not quite what they seem, such as quilts that can be transformed as a pair of pants, or can be used for fortune-telling. She works with extensive installations and makes miniature handcrafted sculptures. Her work is a celebration on the whimsical aspects of life drawn, focusing on themes such as identity, healing and cultural connection.

Hedy Tjin is an illustrator and visual artist. She is known for her diverse expressions such as murals, textiles, illustrations for newspapers and children’s books, that have won the Zilveren Penseel prize. Her work is characterized by recurring powerful colors that express topics of social value, intended to allow the audience to explore complex themes in an inviting manner.

Sarah Mei Herman explores relationships, loneliness, longing, intimacy and the human urge for physical proximity. Probing gently at the things that bridge and divide her subjects, her projects pay close attention to the vulnerability of transitory life stages – from the trials and fleeting beauty of adolescence to the grey areas between friendship and romance.

Shani Leseman focuses on themes such as magic, witchcraft, rituals, and the object as bearer of meaning. She explores these subjects and (revived) wisdom that she stumbled upon during her training to become a witch, a practitioner of magic. The use of intuition and intention are, like in a practice of magic, important elements of her working method.


Hedy Tjin (detail)


Ellen Yiu (detail)


Shani Leseman (detail)

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