Every week Young Collectors Circle offers an exciting and varied online and offline program, where you will meet artists, professionals, seasoned collectors and other art lovers. Our events range from an exclusive behind the scenes tour at an auction house to a visit to an extraordinary private collection; and from a talkshow about the value of art to a peek inside artists' studios. Digital events are presented at lunch time in US timezones and early evening in EU time zones. Want to learn more? Scroll down for more info and the introduction video!



Young Collectors Circle has an excellent sense of which artists are promising. Eva, member since 2019

The programming of Young Collectors Circle is based relevance and diversity: in our programs, we showcase the art sector in all its aspects, meaning we pay extra attention to diversity and inclusion in our program. Contemporary art in particular reflects on our society today: Art is more than just a pretty picture, the idea behind it - the research, the message, the reflection - is valuable. Artists of today, of your own generation, deal with themes that are currently relevant: think of racism, feminism, the environment. It is those voices that we wish to amplify in our program.

Program lines 2023
We look forward to organising beautiful and surprising programs about art and collecting for our Young Collectors Community in 2023. You can expect more thematic programming from Young Collectors Circle this year. The majority of our programs will be embedded within three thematic pillars: Identity, Ecology & Crossing Borders. By programming several activities within these themes, we offer our members more substantive depth and we show that contemporary art is almost always a reflection of current developments. Within the Identity theme you can expect studio visits, talks and exhibitions surrounding (gender) identity, role patterns and self-expression. The programs within the Ecology theme revolve around the interaction between people, nature & art. Within the Crossing Borders theme, we explore the boundaries of artists who work in an experimental, innovative and cross-medial way. The programs can of course be visited separately, but for more substantive depth you can of course follow the entire program series.

Every week you can expect a new online and offline offer of events, suited for any entry level. Our events are a combination of inspirational and practical information, but also offer a social network of like-minded people and a special and exclusive look behind the scenes of the art world. Below you can read more about the types of events, divided into 5 categories: Inspiration, Discovery, Behind the Scenes, Knowledge and Community.


Get inspired by devoted collectors:

  • Collection Visits: Visit collections of well-known collectors, who share how, where and why they buy art: from the very first piece to that one piece that just didn't fit through the door;
  • Museum Talks: In these talks you will hear how a museum collects and conserves art: from the purchase of a work by Rembrandt to the most exciting restoration story;
  • Young Collectors Podcast: Anyone can buy art and to prove it we bring you to 10 extraordinary collections of very normal collectors: from collecting art with a student loan to buying digital art that may seem impossible to collect.

Since becoming a member, I find it easier to step into an empty gallery. Maaike, member since 2019


Find out what's going on in the contemporary art world:

  • Gallery Tours: Discover the contemporary art scene in Dutch and Belgian cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Antwerp and Brussels, on foot or by bike;
  • Art fair visits: You will be shown around the most important fairs in the Netherlands and Belgium, including photo fair Unseen, Art Rotterdam, PAN, TEFAF and Art Brussels;
  • Salons: In our talkshows you'll discover who's who in the art world: we invite artists, collectors, dealers and experts to explore the art world from various angles.

Behind the Scenes

Go to places you wouldn't otherwise have access to:

  • Studio Visits: Discover the talent of the future during tours of art schools and institutions such as De Ateliers and the Rijksakademie; in addition, you will also have the chance to visit studios of more established artists such as a.o. Dana Lixenberg and Luc Tuymans;
  • Auction houses: In collaboration with several auction houses we offer unique behind-the-scenes insights into auctions, where you learn everything you need to know to visit an auction and how the secondary market works;
  • Artists Podcast: In each episode you will meet a different contemporary artist and we will dissect what it means to be an artist together: when are you an artist, what does an artist actually do all day, and when is a work of art finished?

Young Collectors Circle has opened a lot of doors for me: I really had no idea what was out there. Charlotte, member since 2018


Get your art knowledge up to speed:

  • Masterclasses: Each month you will find a new online masterclass where you'll learn about today's must-know masterpieces or discover the ins and outs of art forms like video art, street art or photography;
  • Crash Course Collecting: Every new member takes this exclusive 2.5-hour crash course full of practical and substantive information, including art history, the art market, materials and techniques, and presenting art at home;
  • Academy: Learn more about art from scholars, journalists, critics, artists, and curators, who share an exclusive insight into their field.


Meet other art lovers:

  • Socials: You get to know each other better over breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner at special art venues;
  • Travel: Join us as we travel and discover the local art scene during our 2- to 5-day trips to spectacular art destinations such as New York, Basel, Paris, London, Miami and Venice, with visits to art fairs, private collections, studios, auction houses and more.

Young Collectors Circle was a great way to get acquainted with the art community after I moved to Amsterdam. Gonzalo, member since 2019

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