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Young Collectors Circle is a platform for emerging art collectors. The purpose of Young Collectors Circle is to inspire a new generation of art collectors; not only to enrich their own lives, but also to support the art sector.

Art is for you

How do you actually start a collection? How do you find out what makes your heart beat faster? How do you discover more about an artist and his oeuvre? What kind of art is there (for sale)? And how are prices really determined

Young Collectors Circle is there to answer these questions - and more - in an informal, accessible setting where you can meet like-minded enthusiasts who have the same questions. You will find the answers at our Salons where we talk to collectors, artists and dealers and during our events when we visit places where art is made, displayed and sold.

Saving the artworld, one artwork at a time

Collecting art is more than filling the empty wall above your couch. By buying art you not only invest in (young) artists, but you also generate attention for new artists and new art forms. Collectors thus play a crucial role in the 'ecosystem' of the arts and often support artists long before the major institutions discover them.

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