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Circle+ is the newest circle by Young Collectors Circle. In addition to exclusive access to the international art world, our Circle+ members receive personal advice on building their art collection, art concierge service, exclusive programs at unique venues and VIP access to art fairs and openings. Also, Circle+ members receive a quarterly update on trends and developments in the art market. Last but not least, as a member of Circle+ you contribute to a healthy art world: all income from Circle+ benefits the development of new public programs. This is how we build your collection and a thriving art world together!


Circle+ members receive personalized advice from our art experts

Circle+: Your Personal Art Guide

Circle+ is aimed at (beginning) collectors who want to take their collection one step further. Circle+ is not age related but accessible to anyone for whom art and collecting is part of their life.

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The art experts unfailingly sense which artists are promising. Eva, member since 2019

1. Personal advice
Circle+ membership includes personal advice: Circle+'s art experts identify your needs and think along with you when building or expanding your art collection. Based on your wishes and interests, we will make a customized plan for you, introducing you to galleries and introducing you to (emerging) artists. This is not concrete acquisition advice, but an overview of options that fit (the future of) your collection. The choice for an actual purchase is yours. In this way we remain independent as an advisor, which benefits the quality and transparency of the art advice. We can also inform you about trends in the art market and give advice on framing and art insurance. Circle+ members can schedule a consultation with our experts twice a year.

2. Art concierge
Circle+ offers access to (inter)national art fairs and exclusive VIP programs. Traveling abroad? Then we will compile a current list of not-to-be-missed exhibitions and art events for you and share our insider tips with hidden art gems at your destination.

3. Exclusive events behind the scenes of the art world
Twice a year we invite Circle+ to an exclusive behind-the-scenes program of the art world. At a unique location, you'll gain insight into the workings and mechanisms the art world runs on and exchange experiences with other Circle+ members during an invite-only Collectors Lunch. For example, we'll visit a renowned auction house where a conservator will explain how a top piece up for auction was examined for authenticity, or we'll be the guest of a famous artist who will open the doors of the studio especially for you.

4. Quarterly newsletter on the latest developments in the art market .
Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments through our Circle+ newsletter with a curated selection of interesting news about the national and international art market.

Membership has opened many doors for me: I really had no idea what was out there Charlotte, member since 2018

5. Unlimited access to all Young Collectors Circle programs .
Every month Young Collectors Circle organizes 4-6 activities in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can sign up for these unlimited and free of charge. You also have access to the travel program.

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Become a member

Members of Circle+ pay €750 per year.

This amount is tax deductible: your support thus provides a tax benefit! Since January 1, 2012, the government offers an extra incentive for income tax deductions with regard to donations and corporate income tax for donations to Cultural ANBIs (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen). Art Projects Foundation, the foundation behind Young Collectors Circle and Circle +, has this cultural ANBI status. If you commit your contribution for at least five years, you will receive an even greater tax benefit. Your periodic donation is then 125% deductible from your taxable income.

Example calculation for an annual contribution of €750 per year:
*€750 x 40.8% = €306 is the net amount tax deductible
€750 - €306 = €444 is the net amount you pay on your contribution

Calculation example for a periodic contribution (minimum five years) of €750 per year:
€750 x 125% = €937,50
€937.50 x 40.8% = €382.50 is the net amount that is tax deductible
€750 - €382.50 = €367.50 is the net amount you pay on your contribution

Do you think our mission to support the art world is important? You can of course support us with a higher amount. We use the income from Circle + to support our audience program, introducing over 300 artists to a large audience of over 25,000 art lovers each year.

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Images of our exclusive events at a.o. Sotheby's, featuring works by a.o. Mark Rothko, Takashi Murakami.

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