Young Collectors Festival Utrecht

Discover today's art talents! What kind of work are they making? And what is that work about? We take you to artists' studios and presentations throughout Utrecht. In addition, we talk about art during talkshows and masterclasses: about its fun but also its value, about the neurological reason why we love beautiful things and about what art tells us about important topics. Join us together with other art lovers on an art adventure in Utrecht!

Young Collectors Circle Festival Utrecht  Art Collecting Buying Art Looking at Art Discover art Fresh Talent

Fresh Talent

The theme of the first edition of the Young Collectors Festival on Saturday, June 26 is emerging talent. Contemporary artists often reflect on topics that touch our lives today, such as racism, the pandemic, climate change, #metoo, etc. The first festival day consists of four parts: Open Studios, Talkshows, HKU Graduation Tours and Masterclasses.

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OPEN STUDIOS - Five promising artists will open their studios for you and tell more about their creative process, sources of inspiration and working methods. Participating artists include: Satijn Panyigay, Caz Egelie and Jaya Pelupessy.

TALKSHOWS - Throughout the day there are talk shows, in which artists, collectors, gallery owners, curators and experts use their own experience and expertise to guide you through the art world.

GUIDED TOURS - We take you to the graduation shows of the Fine Art and Photography departments of the HKU: an excellent opportunity to discover young talent.

MASTERCLASSES - During this first part of the Young Collectors Circle festival we will pay extensive attention to the art market. Can you collect art if you don't have a fat bank account or a not a clue about art history? In these masterclasses at Galerie Sanaa you will learn what to look for when making your first purchase.

Tickets & Info

Due to limited capacity and the observance of the corona measures, as a participant you will choose a tailor-made day program: a route spread throughout the city that you can follow together with other art lovers between 12:00 and 18:00. A separate ticket for the entire afternoon costs €15. Click below to reserve your ticket: full is full!

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Your way in

Young Collectors Circle has been the best way to explore the art scene since 2016. Throughout the year we organize exclusive events for art lovers and emerging collectors throughout the Netherlands. During our online and offline programs we take you behind the scenes, where you meet artists, professionals and collectors, gain inspiration and knowledge and get to know the art world better!


The Young Collectors Circle Festival is spread over four times during the year, with a different focus chosen for each event. The editions each last one day and are spread over various locations within Utrecht. With a wide range of lectures, artist talks, exhibitions, studio and collection visits, we show you the art world in a new way. The dates and themes in 2021 are:

  • June 26: Fresh Talent
  • August 28: Art is Everywhere
  • October 9: Art is for Everyone
  • December 11: Shaping the future

The Young Collectors Festival is made possible by the City of Utrecht, the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the K.F. Hein Fonds. We are collaborating with Art Utrecht and We Are Public.

Young Collectors Circle Festival Utrecht  Art Collecting Buying Art Looking at Art Discover art
Young Collectors Circle Festival Utrecht  Art Collecting Buying Art Looking at Art Discover art

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