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Three routes for Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend

From the 25th until the 29th of November Amsterdam galleries will open their doors during the Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend. The current Corona situation requires some extra effort and distance but does not have to stand in the way of a successful visit. We put together three routes for you based on subject matter: a route for lovers of painting, a route full of photography and a route where you will be surprised by installations, video art and sculptures.

Route 1: Painting

  • Penny Siopis at Stevenson (Prinsengracht 371B): Penny Siopis shows 57 paintings she made during the lock-down period in her house in South Africa. Separated from the outside world she was inspired by the sea that she saw from her windows every day and the inevitable passing of time.
  • Wolfgang Messing at Stigter Van Doesburg (Elandsstraat 90): The paintings of Wolfgang Messing look nostalgic, like old photographs opening a window to other, romanticized times. For his detailed paintings he draws on found material such as photographs, newspapers, archive material, history books but also contemporary sources such as Social Media channels. Blurred portraits, dilapidated buildings and brightly colored monochromes form an exciting and somewhat ominous show.
  • Koen Doodeman at Gerhard Hofland (Bilderdijkstraat 165C): Do not expect traditional paintings in this new exhibition by Koen Doodeman. Doodeman stretches the boundaries of painting by working not only with paint but also with fabric and yarn. In addition to monumental textile works, small gouaches on paper will also be on display.
  • Louise Giovanelli at GRIMM (Van Baerlestraat 80): In the subtle, layered and sometimes almost transparent paintings of Louise Giovanelli you immediately recognize the craftsmanship of the artist. The dreamy, realistic paintings show her virtuoso technique and are reminiscent of classical works from the Renaissance.

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Route 2: Photography

  • Popel Coumou at TORCH (Lauriergracht 94): Photographer Popel Coumou is known for her line patterns, who are refinedly interwoven in her staged compositions. Coumou plays with scale and light, by photographing her scale models and drawings, she creates her own world of photographs that are both abstract and figurative at the same time.
  • Laurence Aëgerter at Caroline O'Breen (Hazenstraat 54): Laurence Aëgerter takes images of well-known works of art as a starting point for this exhibition. For example, he adapts images of engravings by Albrecht Durer with geometric compositions of lines and colors. Aëgerter's work is not only visually stimulating, but through the addition of textures and unexpected materials a multi-sensory experience.
  • Valérie Belin & Kim Boske at Flatland (Lijnbaansgracht 314): In this duo exhibition you can lose yourself in the beautiful and ingeniously assembled nature photographs of Kim Boske and the intriguing portraits of Valérie Belin. Both artists take the subjects they capture on camera from their surroundings, creating timeless images.
  • Misha de Ridder at Albada Jelgersma (Lijnbaansgracht 318): For this exhibition Misha de Ridder travelled through the Swiss Alps for months to capture the impressive nature. De Ridder is known for his flawless eye for the color and texture of his surroundings, which is clearly visible in this series of new works. Expect close-up fragments of the stones and frescoes of an old church, snow-covered mountain tops and picturesque photographs of forests.

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Route 3: Combination Route

  • Emmeline de Mooij at andriesse - eyck (Leliegracht 47): The work of Emmeline de Mooij consists of installations, drawings, video, textile and performance. Regular topics in her work are care, repair and maintenance. She investigates the mechanisms behind the low status we assign to care and caregivers in our society. With her artworks she investigates new possibilities for the relationships between people and their environment.
  • Fernando Sanchez Castillo at tegenboschvanvreden (Bloemgracht 57): In his work Fernando Sanchez Castillo wonders how art can contribute to revising existing icons, how we can undermine them and how we can charge them with new meanings. A good example of this approach is his version of the Statue of Liberty, an iconic landmark full of symbolism. In the Statue of Liberty of Sanchez Castillo we see the face of an African-American woman instead of the familiar face of Lady Liberty. This intervention is not only a change in representation, but also questions the extent to which the symbolic value of freedom that we attribute to this statue applies to everyone.
  • David Maljkovic at Annet Gelink Gallery (Laurierstraat 187): In the multifaceted work of David Maljkovic, which includes sculpture, collages, paintings, photography and drawings, the artist focuses on the artistic legacy of modernism, his own artistic practice and art in general. Maljkovic tries to create a new relationship (or even a tension) between how we view, remember and understand the world around us. Maljkovic often researches the past to imagine the future: he often re-evaluates his own pre-existing works of art in order to move forward, which ensures that his works are constantly evolving.
  • Ruby Swinney, Inge Meijer, Thomas Huber and Molly Palmer at AKINCI (Lijnbaansgracht 317): In this group exhibition four artists show work in which they distort, adapt or even transform our reality into a fictitious, parallel (dream) world. Ruby Swinney shows subtle, mysterious monochrome paintings on silk, Thomas Huber takes you to another, alienating world in paintings full of symbolism, Inge Meijer places the viewer in an uncomfortable position of power in the face of her non-human opponents and Molly Palmer's video is an absurdist entanglement between reality and fiction.

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