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Especially for members, Young Collectors Circle organises online masterclasses on a variety of subjects: from street art and video art to presenting art in your own home. Every month new topics are added. Missed a master class? Don't worry: the masterclasses are regularly offered again. You follow the masterclasses via Zoom and have plenty of opportunity to ask questions or talk to other participants.

Types of masterclasses

Young Collectors Circle currently offers the following masterclasses:


How did photography develop into an art form? From the very first photograph via street photography to the position of photography as a contemporary art form: in 45 minutes you will learn more about this medium. In addition to history and current developments, you will also learn about the various forms and techniques, how editions and editions work and how best to present and preserve photographs at home.

Video Art

In 45 minutes you will learn the ins and outs of this relatively new medium, presented by art historian Nadine van den Bosch. She takes you on a bird's-eye view through the history of video art, from the 1960s to the present day, and gives you useful tips on collecting and presenting video art in your own home.

Street Art

From the first graffiti tags by Cornbread to the unique position of artists like JR and Banksy today: in this master class we dive into the past and present of street art! Why and how did street art begin? And what position does it have today in the art world and on the market? And how do you collect street art at home? In 45 minutes you will learn the ins and outs of this art form.

Public Art

During this 45-minute masterclass you will learn more about iconic works of art in public space in the Netherlands and abroad, the different types of art that can be encountered in the public domain (from sculptures to video works to land art) and we will delve deeper into the function of art in public space.


From museum glass to passe-partouts, from a lounge set-up to a grid and from white cube to living room: In this 45-minute master class you'll learn everything about how to hang art in your own home. Based on concrete examples you will receive practical tips on how to conserve, present and conserve your collection.


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