From 11 to 14 November, the first Amsterdam edition of the Young Collectors Festival took place! During four days we organised various events from our festival heart in Hazenstraat, where a special (sales) exhibition was on show, put together by our members. Check out the pictures and recap below!



The first Young Collectors Festival consisted of:

  • Ten different tours to galleries, studio's and collections
  • Four wine- and beertastings (thanks to Oedipus Brewing and Vin Natoer)
  • Seventeen artists who were on show in our first sales exhibition
  • Seven experienced collectors who shared their inisghts
  • Twentyfive artworks that found a new home
  • Eight artists that were visited in their studio
  • Two masterclasses and one book launch
  • Eighteen galleries that were paid a visit
  • Over 500 visitors, consisting of old and new members and ambassadors and other art lovers

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this amazing weekend!

Photos by Saffron Pape.



17 - 20u Opening Exhibition
We will start the festival with the festive opening of the exhibition in our festival heart at Hazenstraat 18, curated by members of Young Collectors Circle. Our community of art lovers and collectors have asked their favourite artists to nominate a work for this group exhibition: creators they feel deserve an extra stage. Expect a surprising mix of photography, painting, sculpture and textiles.

Participating artists are Hedy Tjin, Afra Eisma, Noor Nuyten, Vera Gulikers, Tobias Lengkeek, Satijn Panyigay, Tom van Veen, Sam Hersbach, Richard Kofi, Folkert de Jong, Marwan Bassiouni, Arjan van Helmond, Robin Speijer, Delphine Courtillot, Eva Spierenburg, Koos Buster Stroucken and Benjamin Li. The opening is kindly sponsored by beer brewer Oedipus.

*No reservation required, coronacheck mandatory


12.00 - 17.00u - Exhibtion open
*No reservation required, coronacheck mandatory

19.00 - 19.45u - Winetasting
(members-only, Dutch)

20.00 - 20.45u - Winetasting
(members-only, English)

Art and wine: the perfect combination. That is also what Carlita and Sanne thought, the two young female founders of Vin Natoer. A natural wine label + platform for no bullshit wines: without additives and unfiltered. Natural wine is the most traditional way of making wine and many wine farmers do this with a whole lot of passion and dedication. The end product is a true art form. Vin Natoer also works with various artists to add art to the outside of the bottle. For their current wines they worked together with Lisette van Hoogenhuyze (NL) and Josh Cochran (US). On 12 November they will organise two tastings and talk about the art in the bottle and the art on the bottle.


12.00 - 17.00u Exhibition open
*No reservation required, coronacheck mandatory

12.00 - 12.45u Masterclass 'Collecting on a budget'
During this master class 'Collecting on a budget' you will hear all the ins and outs of collecting art for every budget. You will get useful tips on buying art on a small budget and learn how to add that much-desired piece that seems out of your reach to your collection.

13.00 - 14.00u Book launch Van ‘kruimelverzamelaar’ tot mecenas by Ger van Dam
During this book launch collector and Young Collectors Circle Ambassador Ger van Dam will tell you all about his collecting adventures. Grab your chance and ask this experienced collector all about his motivations and acquisitions. Artist Jan Maarten Voskuil, who is well represented in the Van Dam collection, will be present to explain the relationship between artist and collector from his perspective. Signed copies of this special book will be for sale during this session.

14.00 - 16.00u Studio Tours
You visit the studios of three different artists, each working with a different medium. Participating artists are: Casper Braat, Inez de Brauw, Maura Biava, Neil Fortune, Uta Eisenreich and Marielle Videler. Click on the ticketlink to see which artists you can visit in which tour.

14.30 - 16.00u Gallery Tours
Together with other art lovers, you will visit different exhibitions in three Amsterdam galleries. Expect a mix of emerging talent and established names, from photography to painting and from subtle drawings to monumental sculptures. Participating galleries are a.o. Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Annet Gelink Gallery, tegenboschvanvreden, TORCH, Fons Welters, Bildhalle, Caroline O'Breen, Galerie dudokdegroot, AKINCI, Lumen Travo, Galerie Martin van Zomeren, Stigter van Doesburg, Kersgallery, Madé van Krimpen Gallery and Galerie Gerhard Hofland.

15.00 - 17.00u Art Tour
(members-only, English)
During this Art Tour, you will visit the private collection of Rob van Schaik and Wijnanda Rutten, the studio of Nicoline van Harskamp and Upstream Gallery. In one afternoon you will discover various aspects of the art world and learn how they relate to each other.

15.00 - 17.00u Art Tour
(members-only, English)
During this Art Tour, you visit the private collection of Sophie Schade, The Ravestijn Gallery and the studio of artist Harry Markusse. In one afternoon you will discover different aspects of the art world and learn how they relate to each other.

15.00 - 16.30u Beertasting at Oedipus Brewery
(members-only, Dutch)
Tristan Spits, art collector and CEO of Oedipus, takes you on a personal tour around the brewery and hosts a beer tasting. He will tell you about his own collection, his love for art and how this blends in with his work. Please note: participation in this event is on the basis of drawing lots. Members can send an email to and will hear on Monday 8 November whether they have been drawn.



12.00 - 18.00u Exhibition open
*No reservation required, coronacheck mandatory

11.00 - 12.00 Breakfast session: speeddates with experienced art collectors
(members-only, English)
While you enjoy a cup of coffee, fresh juice and croissants, you will talk to experienced art collectors: how did they start their collection, what are their ultimate tips for starting art buyers and how do they navigate in the overwhelming supply of art.

13.00 - 13.45u Masterclass 'How to curate your collection'
From museum glass to passe-partouts, from a living room set-up to a grid and from a white cube to a living room: in this mini master class, you will learn everything there is to know about hanging art in your own home. With concrete examples, you will receive practical tips on how to conserve, present and manage your collection.

13.00 - 15.00 Art Tour
(members-only, Dutch)
During this Art Tour, you will visit the extraordinary private collection of Wouter Deelman and the new exhibition of Joep van Lieshout in Galerie Ron Mandos. In one afternoon, you will discover various aspects of the art world and learn how they relate to each other.

14.30 - 15.30u Collection Visit Wouter Deelman
(members-only, Dutch)
On ocasion of the festival, collector and Young Collectors Circle ambassador Wouter Deelman opens the doors of his private collection. He will guide you through the various rooms in his house, where works by a.o. Lara de Moor and a site-specific work by Jeroen Henneman are on display.

16.00 - 18.00u Finissage
To conclude the exhibition, we warmly invite you to join the participating artists for a drink and view your favourite works for the last time.


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