Crash Course Collecting

During the Crash Course Collecting you will learn everything you need to know about art history, the art market, different types of artworks and how to curate art in your home. This course is exclusively for Young Collectors Circle members. Become a member today to participate in our next Crash Course Collecting!


Crash Course Collecting

We will take you on a rapid journey through the history of art: from the cave paintings in Lascaux via Rubens, Monet and Van Gogh to modern art with its pop art, abstract expressionism and Marcel Duchamp's porcelain urinal - all the way to the present: contemporary art. You will also learn about different materials and techniques (such as the difference between oil paint and acrylic, what a gouache is, how photography became an art form and about typical art forms of our time, such as internet and video art).

After a short break we will delve into the primary and secondary markets, explain which players are crucial to the market and how prices are set for artworks in both the gallery and at auction. We will finish the crash course with useful tips and tricks for caring for your collection and curating it in your own home. The Crash Course Collecting ensures that you, as a starting art buyer, are well prepared!


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Become a member today to participate in our next Crash Course Collecting!

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