Collecting on a budget

It is a common misunderstanding that buying art is only reserved for the rich and famous. However, buying art with a smaller budget is very well possible! How is this possible? You can read that in this article.


With the KunstKoop you can buy contemporary art and design on installments at 120 galleries throughout the Netherlands. You pay in monthly installments, while you already have the work at home. The Mondriaan Fund pays the interest and the artist and gallery are paid immediately. It couldn't be easier!


Discount is a favor, certainly not a right: but feel free to ask. An experienced collector once said: you can always ask for a discount, but be prepared to pay the full price if a discount is not possible. In other words: if you really want to buy a work, you have to trust that the gallery owner has determined the price honestly - don't let the purchase pass you by because of a missed discount!

Other work

Sometimes a work of art by a well-known artist seems unattainable. Yet that does not automatically mean that purchasing his or her work has to be out of your reach. Remember: a work on paper is more affordable than an oil painting, a smaller size also saves costs and an edition is cheaper than a unique work. So always ask the gallery owner if there is other work available!

Art budget

Especially in potentially uncertain times (think: a pandemic) it is useful to put money for art aside. Vacation money, a thirteenth month, a fixed amount per month: this way you can be sure that your art purchases do not have to compete with groceries or new clothes.

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