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Eva joined Young Collectors Circle in 2018: "Because of the extensive network of Young Collectors Circle, there are quite a few places I would never have seeen otherwise. I am thinking of the special behind-the-scenes tour at Sotheby's or the visit to the impressive private collection of the Hort Family in their mansion in New York. It also strikes me that Young Collectors Circle's record on programmering the most promising artists is impeccable."

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Free online masterclass Intro Into Art Collecting

Join us for a mini masterclass ‘Intro Into Art Collecting’, designed specifically for non-members. We will discuss the why and how of art collecting, providing concrete examples: from Mondriaan to today’s Masterpieces. Can you collect art without an overflowing bank account? Does it matter if you don’t know anything about art history? We will delve deeper into the neurological reason why we love pretty pictures and explain why contemporary art can make us view the world in a different light.

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Four reasons to collect contemporary art!

It makes a lot of sense for emerging collectors to focus on collecting art made by their contemporaries. We share four reasons why!

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Masterclass Photography

In addition to history and current developments, you will also learn about the various forms and techniques used in photography.

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Collecting on a budget

It is a common misunderstanding that buying art is only reserved for the rich and famous.

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3 Mar

Intro Into Art Collecting

Wed 19:00 · Online · Introductie ·

Please note this event is in Dutch. If you are interested in attending, please click ‘More info’ to find all details in Dutch.

In deze mini masterclass 'Intro into Art Collecting' nemen we je mee naar het hoe en waarom van kunstkopen, aan de hand van concrete voorbeelden: van Mondriaan tot de Meesterwerken van nu. En kun je kunstverzamelen als je geen vette bankrekening hebt? Is het erg als je geen kennis hebt van kunstgeschiedenis?
We gaan dieper in op de neurologische reden waarom we van mooie plaatjes houden en lichten toe waarom hedendaagse kunst ons anders naar de wereld laat kijken. Deze mini masterclass bieden we tweewekelijks aan, afwisselend in het Nederlands en in het Engels.

Deze mini masterclass is speciaal voor niet-leden en duurt 30 minuten. Na aanmelding via de 'deelnemen' knop ontvang je van ons een bevestigingsmail met de inlogcode en het wachtwoord om deel te nemen.

Afb. Kehinde Wiley

4 Mar

Collection Visit: Servais Family Collection

Thu 19:00 · Online · Collection Visit ·

On March 4, Brussels-based collector Alain Servais opens up the doors of his private collection for members of Young Collectors Circle.

Alain Servais has been collecting art for two decades and has been actively sharing his views on the art industry and market. He collects various works by emerging artists and actively supports young artists by offering residency program in his loft in Brussels where he keeps his collection. His collection consists of several hundred works by an international roster of artists including Cindy Sherman, Damien Hirst, and David Altmejd. There is no overarching theme to the Servais Family Collection, but it is perhaps best described by what it lacks: painting (the medium of choice of many top collectors) and most of the marquee, blue-chip names that fill auction catalogues. During this online collection visit Servais will dive deeper into several artworks from his collection.

Sign up via the ‘join’-button. You’ll receive a confirmation by e-mail with a login for join this Online Collection Visit via Zoom. Please note: Online Collection Visits are exclusively for Young Collectors Circle members.

Img. Ghost of a Dream, ’Dream Vacation’, 2008 / Image courtesy the Servais Family Collection, Brussels.

10 Mar

Masterclass: Modern Masterpieces - part two

Wed 19:00 · Online · Masterclass ·

During this masterclass we will dive deeper intro 10 iconic works of art to provide you more insight into modern and contemporary art

Learn more about Kara Walker’s sugar sculptures, the immersive light installations by James Turrell and shocking photography by Andres Serrano. You will learn more about the creation of these controversial artworks and about the fuss that arose over these masterpieces. This is the second part in this series about Modern Masterpieces, in the coming months we will offer several parts of this masterclass series, both in English and Dutch.

fig. James Turrell, Skyspace in MoMA PS1.

11 Mar

Online Studio Visit: Bas Kosters

Thu 19:00 · Online · Studio Visit ·

Are you curious to see how artist and fashion designer Bas Kosters creates his works? During this digital studio visit you get an exclusive insight into his studio.

Bas Kosters is a fashion designer and visual artist who
is especially fond of textile and graphic design, but his work extends to installation, performance art and engaged protests. Across disciplines, Kosters approaches difficult emotions, such as loneliness, in a compassionate and animated manner. His cartoon characters and colourful prints in juxtaposition with humorous text and erotic images create a world of his own that can help rethink life around us. His work is currently on display at the Amsterdam Museum as part of the exhibition REFRESH.

Img. Bas Kosters in his studio.

17 Mar

Intro into Art Collecting - English

Wed 19:00 · Online · Masterclass · ·

Join us for a mini masterclass ‘Intro Into Art Collecting’, designed specifically for non-members. We will discuss the why and how of art collecting, providing concrete examples: from Mondriaan to today’s Masterpieces.

Can you collect art without an overflowing bank account? Does it matter if you don’t know anything about art history? We will delve deeper into the neurological reason why we love pretty pictures and explain why contemporary art can make us view the world in a different light.

This mini masterclass is for non-members and lasts approximately 30 minutes. After signing up via the ‘deelnemen’-button below, you will receive a confirmation email with the login and password to participate.

Afb. Piet Mondriaan

23 Mar

Digital Pioneers: Masters of Art - Guest Masterclass by Catawiki

Tue 19:00 · Online · Guest Masterclass · ·

Do you want to learn more about the online art market? In this guest master class, the experts from online platform Catawiki will show you how you can find treasures is the vast online art market.

Being able to purchase a beautiful work of art online changes the entire experience of buying art. The trend to persue and buy art online has only continued to rise over the years and has boomed during the past few months with the current covid-19 crisis.

The rise of online art platforms has lowered the threshold of collecting art. Increased pricing transparency, variety, and efficiency are major pros of purchasing art online. Catawiki carries out online auctions on a weekly basis throughout very diverse categories, ranging from 17th century paintings to street art. In this masterclass you will learn more about how the online art market works and gain useful tips and tricks on how to collect art online.

*This masterclass is part of a paid partnership between Young Collectors Circle and Catawiki.

Img. Gully (detail), to be auctioned during Catawiki's Cursieve tekstMasters of ArtCursieve tekst auction.

24 Mar

Crash Course Collecting (ENG)

Wed 19:00 · Online · Crash Course Collecting · ·

On Wednesday March 24 we host a digital Crash Course Collecting, in English. During this Crash Course Collecting (members only), you'll learn everything you need to know about art history, the art market, different types of artworks and how to curate art in your home.


  • A rapid journey through the history of art: from the cave paintings in Lascaux via Rubens, Monet and Van Gogh to modern art with its pop art, abstract expressionism and Marcel Duchamp's porcelain urinal - all the way to the present: contemporary art;

  • You will learn about different materials and techniques (such as the difference between oil paint and acrylic, what a gouache actually is, how photography became an art form and about typical art forms of our time, such as internet and video art);

  • You will learn all about the primary and secondary markets, which players are crucial to the market and how prices are set for artworks in both the gallery and at an auction;

  • Useful tips and tricks for presenting art in your own home.


The Crash Course Collecting is part of the Young Collectors Circle membership. The event is exclusively for members who have not previously participated in the crash course. When you register, we will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to join via Zoom. Are you a member and have you not previously participated in the crash course? Sign up now via the ‘join’ button!

7 Apr

Museum Talk: TextielMuseum

Wed 19:00 · Online · Museum Talk ·

Are you curious to see how museums build their collections? Learn more about the collection policies of leading museums in the series of Museum Talks. In this edition we zoom in on the TextielMuseum.

Curator Adelheid Smit discusses the collection policy of the TextielMuseum in Tilburg during this 30-minute talk. Recently the museum acquired a group of works by Mercedes Azpilicueta, including a performance. This acquisition fits in well with the interdisciplinary collecting strategy the museum applies.

In her work, Mercedes Azpilicueta conveys personal emotions that are recognizable to many. Through language, the body and sound, she explores how things with personal meaning simultaneously connect people. In her work she brings together different characters from the past, which are conveyed as voices, forms, texts, traces and memories in her layered artworks. Azpilicueta regularly produces work in the TextielLab, a workshop and knowledge center for artists that is part of the TextielMuseum.

Fig. Sample from the making process of Mercedes Azpilicueta in TextielLab, photo TextielMuseum

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