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Young Collectors Circle for English speakers

Interested in starting your own art collection? Young Collectors Circle membership brings you behind the scenes of the art world and opens doors that usually remain closed. Throughout the year, we present a wide range events, connecting you with other art lovers, artists, seasoned collectors and art professionals. Your membership includes four activities of your choice, and access to many more. Expand your knowledge, extend your social life and start collecting today!

Art is for you!

Young Collectors Circle is a platform for emerging art collectors. How dó you start your own collection? To find out what makes your heart tick, to explore different art forms, to find out how art is priced, and to figure out what all those technical terms mean, we organize salons and events specifically aimed at art lovers with collecting ambitions.

I’m working on collecting art, something that I used to think was not very 'me'. But I've discovered it is an oddly exciting feeling to view pieces as an interested, potential collector! Participant Collectors for Collectors tour at Amsterdam Art Fair

But buying art is something that’s bigger than the collector and the empty wall over his or her couch. Private art collectors start buying from young artists long before they’re recognized by the big institutions. The art scene needs a new generation of collectors in order to maintain a vital art scene: not just by investing it in financially, but also by creating interest in new artists and art forms. Changing the art world one artwork at a time!


Our events are a great way to dive into the local art scene and meet likeminded people! Events include gallery tours, private, corporate and museum collection visits, tours at art fairs and academies and artist studio visits: all events accesible for English speakers are marked with a globe on the calendar on our homepage.

We also host trips abroad, exclusively for our members. Previously, Young Collectors Circle-members visited Art Basel Week (CH), Copenhagen Art Week (DK), Frieze Week in London (UK) and in Armory Week in New York (USA). In 2019, we are visiting Frieze Week New York (USA), Art Basel Week (CH) and the Venice Biennial (IT).

With witty remarks and in-depth questions, presenter Sarah Meuleman manages to unravel the stories behind works of art and get insider tips for the audience. Visitor Young Collectors Salon x The Hoxton: International

Read about some of out previous events here:


Interested in becoming a member? Membership costs €95 a year, which includes:

  • Access to 4 events;
  • A goodiebag (including Young Collectors Circle art handling gloves);
  • (VIP) tickets to fairs and events where Young Collectors Circle isn't present, such as Art Brussels and Photo London;
  • Occasional invites to bring a guest;
  • Use of our Young Collectors Helpdesk, for all your collection management and preservation questions;
  • The opportunity to join our Young Collectors Socials, events combining talks and tours with breakfast, lunch, cocktails or dinner (costs not included in membership fee);
  • The opportunity to join our Young Collectors Travel program (costs not included in membership fee).

The membership package represents a total value of over €150.

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