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Young Collectors Festival

The first edition of the Young Collectors Festival was a success! We visited over 50 artists on 10 locations via 10 different routes and gave more than 10 masterclasses and art talks. We are ready for more! Soon you will read all about the second edition of the Young Collectors Festival in Utrecht, with the theme: ART IS EVERYWHERE here. Stay tuned for the program on Saturday 28 August and in the meantime check out some festival pictures below.

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Young Collectors Travel

Do you want to visit Art Basel or Frieze London, two of the most renowned contemporary art fairs in the world, this year? Or see the extraordinary private collection of François-Henri Pinault - husband of Salma Hayek and owner of Gucci and Christie's- in Paris?

During our three-day trips, you'll discover the local art scene through visits to fairs, galleries, studios, collections and museums. If we can travel safely again, we will visit Basel, Paris and London in the fall of 2021!

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Summer break!

Please note our offices are closed between July 26 and August 9. Wishing you all a great summer!

Member Acquisitions

Curious what our members bought at Art Rotterdam? Check the article!

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Art Fairs

Navigating an art fair can feel like an immense task. We give you 5 tips!

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13 Aug

Best of Graduates

Fri 17:00 · Amsterdam · Gallery Talk ·

Each summer, gallery Ron Mandos presents the annual group exhibition 'Best of Graduates', where no less than 26 graduating artists from seven Dutch art academies participate. An excellent opportunity to spot new talent!

We start the programme with a talk on the realisation of the exhibition and the selection process. Afterwards, we visit the exhibition in small groups, where some of the participating artists explain their work. Of course, there will be time for questions and dialogue with the artists.

Img. Installation view Best of Graduates 2021.

19 Aug

Social: The Gallery Club

Thu 17:30 · Amsterdam · Social ·

Are you interested in meeting other Young Collectors Circle members? Our next social will take place at an exclusive location: Sotheby's Amsterdam. In an informal setting, while enjoying bites and drinks, you can listen to a number of fascinating talks and view the latest exhibition, even before the official opening.

In the exhibition Re: value, organised by The Gallery Club, you can spot work by four exciting photographers: Emily Bates, Andrei Farcasanu, Margaret Lansink & René van Hulst. At Sotheby's Amsterdam, the new exhibition of The Gallery Club Re: value will be on view from 20 to 22 August with work by photographers Emily Bates, Andrei Farcasanu, Margaret Lansink & René van Hulst. British photographer Emily Bates has a fascination for Japanese culture with its deeply rooted traditions. The Japanese island of Amami Oshima is the setting for her photo series The sky is glowing with the setting sun. The series The Kindness of One by photographer Margaret Lansink and poet René van Hulst is about the kindness of one person and how this can write history. Romanian photographer Andrei Farcasanu is known for his analog black and white photography, small format handmade prints and minimalist style. He creates a poetic visual diary in which his daily encounters and experiences are recorded.

Please note: this event is exclusively for members of Young Collectors Circle and it requires an additional ticket, which can be purchased here.

25 Aug

Studio Visit: Raquel van Haver

Wed 19:30 · Amsterdam · Studio Visit ·

You may have seen the work of Raquel van Haver during her awe-inspiring solo at the Stedelijk. This artist is known for her portraits, for which she uses a variety of materials: from oil paint, ash and tar to fake hair. She lives and works in Amsterdam especially for Young Collectors Circle, she will open her studio to tell us about her practice and artistic process.

The works of Raquel van Haver function as portals to her direct and indirect living environment. Her paintings, which have been exhibited worldwide, consist of different layers - both conceptually and materially - and cover topics including history, identity, storytelling, emotions, music and shared experiences, norms and values. These layers make for a complete circle, that allow her to discuss topics that resonate with popular culture, mixed with issues such as immigration, gender, the colonial past and the ways in which that colonial past still plays a role to this day. Through a mix of traditional painting, written or filmed archives, installation works, music, collages, drawings and moving images, Raquel translates these themes into the present.

Img. Raquel van Haver, Hookers in toilets dancehall version explicit (detail), 2020.

26 Aug

Huis Marseille

Thu 18:00 · Amsterdam · Museum Talk

Are you curious about the collection of photography museum Huis Marseille? During this visit, director Nanda van den Berg will talk about the museum's most recent acquisitions, which are on view in the exhibition 'Infinite Identities'.

You'll discover the museum's collecting policy with a guided tour of the current exhibition, where we'll look at the relationship between the exhibition and the choice the works added to the museum's collection. In Infinite Identities, eight contemporary artists and photographers show how the social-photographic medium Instagram can function for them as a digital stage, archive, studio, source of inspiration, interaction and documentation tool respectively.

Img. Coco Capitan (detail), on view in the exhibition Infinite Identities.

26 Aug

This Art Fair

Thu 19:00 · Amsterdam · Art Fair ·

Do you want to spot a large amount of talent in a short amount of time? During This Art Fair 2021, no fewer than 100 artists will show their work in the industrial Kromhouthal in Amsterdam North.

A visit to the fair is a good way to usher in the new cultural season. There is something for everyone: from painting to performance, from video to photography and emerging talent to established artists. This year, the art experience will start in the parking lot! During our visit, we will introduce you to some of the exhibiting artists.

Img. Lisette van Hoogenhuyze, Bombshell, 2020 (detail).

28 Aug

Festival: Art is Everywhere

Sat 13:30 · Utrecht · Festival ·

Discover together with other art lovers works of art in the streets of Utrecht! Who made these special works and what do they mean? The artists will tell you about it during this art festival and invite you into their studios.

You will start the day with a master class on works of art in public space, the influence art has on your daily life and how you can collect art for indoors and outdoors. Afterward you will discover impressive outdoor artworks at various locations in the city, explained by the artists who created them. Continue with a special insight into the studios of leading Utrecht artists and end the day with a drink together with other art lovers.

Get your ticket for the festival here.
Please note: Members of Young Collectors Circle have free access but need to register, send us an email at for the code to get a free ticket.

Img: Young Collectors Circle Festival day 1 (Fresh Talent, artwork by Luke McCowan), photo: Saffron Pape Photography.

3 Sep

Koninklijke Prijs

Fri 18:00 · Amsterdam · Artist Talks ·

Deze avond worden de deuren van het Koninklijk Paleis op de Dam speciaal voor leden van Young Collectors Circle geopend en vertellen vijf kunstenaars (Hend Samir, Axel Roy, Esiri Erheriene-Essi, Isabel Cordeiro en Raquel van Haver) meer over hun werk.

In de nazomer bekijken we de feestelijke jubileumtentoonstelling Grensverkenners in het Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam. Gelijktijdig is ook de tentoonstelling van de Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2021 te zien, waarin werk van vijftien jonge kunstenaars gepresenteerd wordt. De afgelopen jaren bleek deze prijs een goede graadmeter voor talent en viert dit jaar een 150-jarig jubileum.

Curatoren Mirjam Wester & Richard Kofi gaan daarbij dieper in op de jubileumtentoonstelling, die het lef viert van grensverleggende kunstenaars die eerder deelnamen aan aan de Koninklijke Prijs. Omdat de kunstwerken worden gepresenteerd als interventies in het Paleis ontstaan er prikkelende visuele contrasten, waardoor er een nieuwe relatie ontstaat tussen de kunstwerken en het gebouw, het interieur en zijn lange geschiedenis.

Afb. Hend Samir (detail)

11 Sep

KunstRAI: Masterclass & Tours

Sat 12:30 · Art Fair ·

Join us on our visit to the KunstRAI art fair and allow yourself to be seduced by a multitude of art forms. We kick the day off with a mini masterclass, in which you will learn everything about materials and techniques, the art market, prices and presenting the art in your own home. In the guided tour that follows, we speak with various gallery owners and artists.

During this practical and useful masterclass, we will you show that the art world doesn't have to be intimidating at all and that you don't need large amounts of money or knowledge in order to start collecting art. We will also delve deeper into the neurological reasons for why we love beautiful imagery and we’ll explain why contemporary art can make us look at the world differently. After the mini masterclass, you can apply the acquired knowledge on the exhibition floor. Entrance to the fair is included for participants of this event.

Img. Alejandra Venegas (detail) on view at KunstRAI at gallery Dürst Britt & Mayhew.

12 Sep

Studio Visit: Kubilay Mert Ural

Sun 12:00 · Amsterdam · Studio Visit ·

Take a look inside the studio of Kubilay Mert Ural, whose work transports you to a dream world where anything seems to be possible. The artist is known for his detailed paintings that often have an absurdist touch.

Kubilay Mert Ural was born and raised in Istanbul and spent a period in Amsterdam in 2017 and 2018, where he did a residency at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten. Although he has mainly made a name for himself as a painter, his work also includes videos, installations and music. Symbolism and dream worlds play a major role in all of his works. During the studio visit, Ural talks about his creative process and shows us how his works are created.

Img. Kubilay Mert Ural in his studio.

24 Sep

Art Basel

Fri 17:00 · Basel · Travel ·

What's hot and what's hotter? You will find out at the art fairs Art Basel, LISTE, June and Photo Basel. In addition to the fairs we will visit a private collection and host a dinner and cocktail hour where you will get to know your travel companions.

For many collectors, a visit to the leading art fairs Art Basel and LISTE is a regular occurrence. At Art Basel you will find the top of the international art world, where in addition to work by more than 4,000 artists there is also room for large-scale museum installations. LISTE takes place at the same time as Art Basel: the fair that provides a platform for new talent. During this trip you will also visit the spectacular Fondation Beyeler museum and a special private collection. Cocktails and a dinner are included!

Would you like to register for this trip, or read more about the program, conditions and costs? Check here for all information.

Img. Art Basel 2019

1 Oct


Fri 15:00 · Parijs · Travel ·

Discover the Parisian art scene through gallery tours, the impressive Pinault Collection and visit the unique, one-off artwork 'L'Arc de Triomphe Wrapped' by the recently deceased artist Christo.

A true art lover cannot miss this unique opportunity: wrapping artist Christo's temporary artwork 'L'Arc de Triomphe Wrapped' in Paris. In addition to visiting this grand artwork, we will take you to the recently opened collection of top collector François Pinault in the 18th century French monument Bourse de Commerce and lead you around the vibrant gallery scene in Paris. Cocktails and a dinner are included!

Would you like to register for this trip, or read more about the program, conditions and costs? Click here for all information.

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