Young Collectors Festival

From 11 to 14 November, the first Amsterdam edition of the Young Collectors Festival took place! During four days we organised various events from our festival heart in Hazenstraat, such as a special (sales) exhibition curated by our members, speed dates with experienced collectors, studio-, collection- and gallery tours and a masterclass on collecting art.

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Do you want to explore New York's art scene up close, or would you prefer to visit Berlin's gallery weekend or world renowned art fair Art Basel? During our 3-5-day trips, you'll discover the local art scene through visits to fairs, galleries, studios, collections and museums.

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Museum Depot

Join us on a trip to the world's first publicly accessible art storage facility at Boijmans van Beuningen!

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6 Dec

Modern Masterpieces: from Mark Rothko to Jean-Michel Basquiat

Mon 19:00 · Online · Masterclass ·

Through 10 iconic works of art, you will gain more insight into modern and contemporary art. You will learn more about how and why these masterpieces have become a benchmark in art history.

Learn about the abstract paintings of Mark Rothko, the powerful photographs of Gordon Parks and the striking one-liners of Jenny Holzer. You will learn more about the creation of these controversial works of art and about the controversy that arose about these masterpieces. This is the fourth part in the series Modern Masterpieces, we will offer more parts of this masterclass series in the coming months, both in English and in Dutch.

Img. Jean-Michel Basquiat

11 Dec

Looking Forward

Sat 11:00 · Online · Masterclass · ·

In this master class, we delve deeper into five artworks from Utrecht that - through their themes, use of materials or location - look forward towards the future.

By discussing five works of art, we will look at five trends that we can discern in todays art world, and in which the artist's vision of a particular subject emerges. We will look at, among other topics, the digital domain, sustainability, the relationship between man and nature and inequality in society. All the works are part of Utrecht's collections, can be seen in the city's public space or have been made by HKU alumni.

Img. Rafael Rozendaal, notverno, collectie Centraal Museum.

11 Dec

Shaping the Future

Sat 13:00 · Online · Panel discussion · ·

In the closing edition of the Young Collectors Circle Festival Utrecht, we look toward the future, in this online panel. We focus on new art forms, the expansion of the digital domain and new structures within the art world itself.

We invite pioneering artists, gallery owners, collectors and institutions to share their vision of the future. Of course you, the collectors of the future, are also welcome to ask the experts questions and share your insights. What does the future of art look like? Which art forms will take off and what consequences will that have for the preservation of your collection? What influence does the rapid digitalisation have on the art market and what does this mean for the role of the art fair? We will discuss these pressing questions with artists, curators and gallery owners. After this discussion, we explicitly invite the audience to join the conversation and exchange views with each other and the panelists. Speakers are a.o. Elisah van den Bergh (NN Group Collection) and Oscar Larik (gallerist).

Img. Lily van der Stokker, Celestial Teapot, placed in public space in Utrecht.

15 Dec

Intro into Art Collecting

Wed 19:00 · Online · Masterclass · ·

From Mondriaan to today’s Masterpieces: join us for a mini masterclass ‘Intro Into Art Collecting’, designed specifically for non-members. We will discuss the why and how of art collecting, providing concrete examples.

Can you collect art without an overflowing bank account? Does it matter if you don’t know anything about art history? We will delve deeper into the neurological reason why we love pretty pictures and explain why contemporary art can make us view the world in a different light.

This mini masterclass is for non-members and lasts approximately 30 minutes. After signing up via the ‘join’-button below, you will receive a confirmation email with the login and password to participate.

Afb. Piet Mondriaan

16 Dec

Online Helpdesk

Thu 12:00 · Online · Helpdesk ·

As a starting collector you may encounter a lot of questions regarding the management and preservation of your collection. During our live helpdesk we will answer, individually and personally, your questions about art and collecting. Our team is happy to help you!

Would you, for example, like to know more about the Kunstkoop Regeling, import duties or framing your artworks? Or do you have questions about the conservation, restoration, registration, insurance or valuation of your work? We will gladly help you and if we do not know the answer right away, we will link you to the right experts. Please note, however, that as an independent party we do not give concrete purchase advice. We can, of course, connect you to an art advisor or give you tips if you are looking for a certain type of art.

Sign up for the help desk using the 'join' button and we will send you information and a time slot for a (video)call. Of course we are glad to accommodate you on any day or time that suits you best.

9 Jan

Depot Visit: Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Sun 15:00 · Rotterdam · Depot Visit ·

Nearly twenty years after the initial plans, the time has finally come: we get to visit the Boijmans van Beuningen Depot, the world's first publicly accessible art storage facility.

On average, museums display only 10% of their collection at the same time, but in the Depot, a whopping 151,000 works of art are exhibited simultaneously. These works were not curated in terms of theme, period or artist, but rather by size and conservation requirements. That means that the Depot is divided into five different climate rooms, in which the collection actually becomes more democratic because no work becomes more important than any other work. The already iconic mirrored building was designed by MVRDV architects, the design team behind the Markthal in Rotterdam. On January 9 we will visit the Depot and we will be given a tour through the collection.

Img. Depot Boijmans van Beuningen, photo: Iris van den Broek

16 Jan

VIP tour @ EKWC

Sun 11:00 · Oisterwijk · Studio Visits + Guided Tour ·

On 16 January, we'll visit Sundaymorning@ekwc (the European Ceramic Work Centre), an internationally oriented post-academic residency program for makers who work with ceramics. For over 50 years, artists, designers and architects from all over the world have been invited to explore the boundaries of ceramics here.

Sundaymorning@ekwc is located in a former leather factory in Oisterwijk and at any given moment, about seventy makers are employed for a three-month work period. This results in remarkable works of art, but the program also functions as a laboratory with room for technical innovation. The results can be seen in museums all over the world: from New York to Tokyo. During this visit you will learn all about ceramics as a material and visit several residents in their studio.


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