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On Saturday October 9th, the third edition of the Young Collectors Circle festival will take place, with the theme: Art is for everyone! Discover artworks from Utrecht's collections together with other art lovers and join masterclasses and studio visits to learn everything you need to know about looking at and buying art. Tickets for only €15 are on sale now!

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Do you want to explore New York's art scene up close, or would you prefer to visit Berlin's gallery weekend or world renowned art fair Art Basel? During our 3-5-day trips, you'll discover the local art scene through visits to fairs, galleries, studios, collections and museums.

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27 Oct

Online Panel: Jonge handelaren, oude kunst

Wed 19:00 · Online · Panel

Please note this event is in Dutch. If you are interested in attending, please click ‘More info’ to find all details in Dutch.

Tijdens deze bijzondere avond duiken we in de wereld van oude kunst en antiek. We spreken vier jonge handelaren onder de 35 jaar die zich hebben gespecialiseerd in oude kunst en daar hun eigen handel in zijn gestart. Wat drijft hen om zich in de oude kunst te begeven? Wat is fascinerend aan hun vakgebied en hoe weten zij oude kunst relevant te houden in het hier en nu? Sprekers zijn o.a. Bob Scholte, Babette Claassen, Peter Dekker en Shangrila Antique Amsterdam.

Img. Rembrandt van Rijn.

28 Oct

Artist Talks & Drinks at TENT

Thu 19:00 · Rotterdam · Artist Talks & Drinks ·

Art, sound and music have played a prominent role in the healing traditions of shamans, mystics and other healers in many cultures throughout history. Can these traditions help us to heal in a more collective way, at a time when the Volkskrant, among others, announced a 'third planetary crisis' this month?

On Thursday 28 October, we will visit the exhibition 'Who Wants to Live in a World without Magic?' in TENT, which will consider some of these possibilities. The exhibition is curated by Katayoun Arian. Artistic director Anke Bangma will tell more about the position of TENT in the Rotterdam art field, after which three emerging artists will explain their works. While enjoying a drink (included), you get to know the artists and the other members a bit better. Not a member yet? Then this might be your chance to participate in an activity without obligation, because non-members are also welcome at this activity.

Img. Narges Mohammadi at TENT, photo by Aad Hoogendoorn.

8 Nov

Intro Into Art Collecting

Mon 19:00 · Online · Introductie ·

Please note this event is in Dutch. If you are interested in attending, please click ‘More info’ to find all details in Dutch.

In deze mini masterclass 'Intro into Art Collecting' nemen we je mee naar het hoe en waarom van kunstkopen, aan de hand van concrete voorbeelden: van Mondriaan tot de Meesterwerken van nu. En kun je kunstverzamelen als je geen vette bankrekening hebt? Is het erg als je geen kennis hebt van kunstgeschiedenis?

We gaan dieper in op de neurologische reden waarom we van mooie plaatjes houden en lichten toe waarom hedendaagse kunst ons anders naar de wereld laat kijken. Deze mini masterclass bieden we tweewekelijks aan, afwisselend in het Nederlands en in het Engels.

Deze mini masterclass is speciaal voor niet-leden en duurt 45 minuten. Na aanmelding via de 'deelnemen' knop ontvang je van ons een bevestigingsmail met de inlogcode en het wachtwoord om deel te nemen.

Afb. Kehinde Wiley

11 Nov

Young Collectors Festival

Thu 17:00 · Amsterdam · Festival ·

During this edition of the Young Collectors Festival, you can discover the Amsterdam art scene in a new way. Sign up for speed dates with experienced collectors, go on a studio tour throughout the city, join us for an arty wine tasting and have a look behind the doors of several private collections.

During this four-day festival daily gallery tours will depart from our festival centre in the Hazenstraat, where a special (sales) exhibition, curated by our members, is on view. More information on the program and how to join will follow in mid-September.

Afb. Saffron Pape photography.

16 Nov

Trendwatching - Guest Masterclass by Catawiki

Tue 19:00 · Online · Guest Masterclass · ·

The Catawiki art experts are specialists in their respective fields, from old masters to cutting edge street art. From grand historical movements to ultra-niche expert knowledge, they’ve got it covered.

Always wanted to know more about the mechanisms of buying art online ? Curious what type of artists and styles you'll be able to discover in the weekly Catawiki art auctions and curious to get insights on what's on the horizon for next year? During this masterclass experts and representatives of the art category will take you will take you through the highlights and trends set to dominate next year's online art market. 

Img. Jan Brueghel II (1601-1678), The creation of Adam and Eve (part of the upcoming auction).

18 Nov

Handling Tours at PAN Art Fair

Thu 19:00 · Amsterdam · Art fair ·

There, you've just become the owner of your first piece of art — or perhaps you've already built a small art collection. But how do you take care of these works, and how do you expand your horizon?

During this year’s PAN Amsterdam art fair, you will not only get a preview, but you can also participate in one of the dedicated Art Handling Tours. In these tours, you will gain up close & personal experience with experts from KVHOK (Royal Association of Fine Art Dealers, who will familiarise you with different artistic disciplines and the wider world of art handlers.

Img. PAN 2019, Daatselaar Fine Arts & Antiques

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