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Sophie Schade works as a strategist in the creative industry. Her bright apartment in Amsterdam has been carefully decorated with modern and contemporary art and design. She prefers her works to be outspoken, abstract and very graphic and mainly collects photography — or works that use photography as a medium.

Art Collection Collector Sophie Schade Ambassador Young Collectors Circle Amsterdam

Works by Bart Lunenburg and Satijn Panyigay; bottom left part of a work by Natascha Libbert.

“I am truly a collector in the classic sense of the word. I collect everything: not just art, but also tea towels, dishware, clothespins and so on. I feel like I shouldn’t settle for ugly products, even when it comes to everyday utensils. I think a true collector often starts collecting at a young age. It takes a certain amount of focus, dedication and madness. For example, I started collecting things when I was just fifteen years old. I used my allowance to buy pots, cups and plates from Iittala (which used to be called Arabia at the time) — which in itself is quite remarkable.

Anyone can collect art - it's a matter of being willing to choose what to spend your money on

I became an ambassador of the Young Collectors Circle because I want to propagate that everyone can collect art. You really don't have to hold a top position or have a huge budget — it's mainly a matter of being willing to choose what to spend your money on. I also feel that the art sector is missing out on an enormous opportunity to seek out more meaningful connections, as a way of appealing to new audiences. I will always prioritise art, as well as promoting art — so this feels like a very natural extension to me.”

The collection

“When buying a work of art, I only have one criterion: that I like it, that it immediately appeals to me. I want to be surrounded by beautiful things all day — why settle for less? I feel grateful every day that I can live among all that beauty! Especially after the past year, when I worked from home full-time. To me, art is a pure addiction and the art in my house is an extension of who I am. When I see something that I really like, I really experience a kind of ecstasy. A warm feeling arises inside and I really don't want to leave the work anymore, comparable to when you fall in love. Not long ago, I came into contact with a work by Boris Tellegen, by pure coincidence. Like it was meant to be. The work had an immediate effect on me. I didn't feel like leaving the gallery anymore. The work felt like an unattainable love — because, after all, it was an expensive work, at least for me. We were able to figure something out and now, the work found its place in my home. Also trust that an artist or a gallery owner is willing to help you, to get to a price that you’re both happy with. Don't close the chapter right away, make sure to get a conversation started.

I like to support young artists and the best way of doing that is by buying their art

I also like to support young artists and the best way of doing that is by buying their art. I have a tendency to go a bit overboard when it comes to that: for instance when there is no financial room for it at the time. But then I will always find a way to buy it, either by paying in installments or by using the Kunstkoop arrangement. After all, collectors are ordinary people, I am not a doctor or a lawyer and consider buying art on a month to month basis. It makes a difference of course that I do not have a mortgage, children or a car to consider.

I have sacrificed my home interior to my art collection. I have become very minimalistic in terms of furniture so that I could buy more art. Although I live in an old building, strangely enough I don't have any built-in closets.And yet, a few years ago, I sacrificed my last lockers in order to create space for the purchase of a new work by Natascha Libbert. But I haven’t regretted in for a single day, on the contrary. “

Tips & tricks

“First of all, make sure to go and see a lot of art, while trying to find out what you really like. By feeding yourself with these beautiful works, you’ll get a better sense of what appeals to you. Don't be shy and just step into a gallery and have a chat with the gallery owner, there is plenty of room for contact. Art fairs also offer a great opportunity to look at art in peace and anonymity. Instagram, as well as online in general, offers a lot of input. Try to follow artists that interest you on social media. This will allow you to discover new artists, that you would not have come into contact with otherwise. It's like a snowball that gets bigger and bigger on its own.

I have sacrificed my home interior to my art collection

Stick to what you like and consider the structure of your collection. For example, I also feel that it’s important that the entire oeuvre of an artist fascinates me, that I understand the development in his or her work somewhere or find it intriguing somehow. I would also recommend opting for works that last longer, that remain interesting for a longer amount of time. And especially: take your time to buy a work of art, see if you can loan one or two works, so you can experience how they feel at home. Allow yourself the time to grow in the purchasing process and enjoy it to its fullest. ”

Art Collection Collector Sophie Schade Ambassador Young Collectors Circle Amsterdam

Works by Popel Coumou (collage), Marleen Sleeuwits, Boris Tellegen (collage), Barbara de Vries, Marnix Goossens and Popel Coumou.

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